Case Studies

These case studies show how we use our energy services to help our clients increase their facilities’ energy efficiency.

What does it look like when we provide energy services to our clients? The following case studies show you how we provide these services and the benefits they offer our clients.


College Building Chilled Water Plant Assessment Report

Read about the elements that go into our chilled water plant assessment and how universities benefit from BuildingLogiX’s solutions.


Large University Chiller Plant Case Study

Read how the Connected Building Services offered by BuildingLogiX helped a large university reduce energy costs.


BuildingLogiX Assists University With Chilled Water Sensor Anomaly

Read how our solutions helped a university decrease repair costs and increase their equipment’s operational life.

Helping a Government Branch With Incomplete and Inaccurate Meter Readings

Read how a government branch used our services and expert team to organize and untangle millions of data points.

BuildingLogiX Simplifies Chilled Water Plant Operations for Healthcare Facility

Read how BuildingLogiX’s services simplified a healthcare facility’s chilled water plant operations using analytics.

Looking Back Allows a Children’s Hospital To Modernize Their Future

The leadership team at a children’s hospital wanted to improve their system’s efficiency. See how asking brave questions led to major results.

Regional Hospital Leverages New Technology to Enhance Existing System

A regional hospital’s facility manager believed their high-performing system had room for improvement. See how BuildingLogiX helped optimize their BAS.

Brave Questions Create Major Results for Hospital

BuildingLogiX validated and reinforced the hospital’s belief and provided examples where optimizing existing HVAC systems creates more efficient and effective building performance and with reduced operating costs.

Hospital Case Study

Our client was a large hospital with over 200 operating rooms. They discovered that unoccupied operating rooms experienced as many as 20 air changes per hour. These air changes made their facility less efficient by increasing their energy costs. They wanted to find a way to reduce the air changes and increase their energy savings.

We provided connected building services, including consulting services and hardware, to create a system that reduced the number of air changes that occurred in unoccupied operating rooms. Our system dropped the number of air changes from 20 to 6 and saved our client $2 million annually.

  • Connected Building Services
  • Building Automation Consulting
  • Building Automation System Development
  • Hardware Procurement