Master System Integration Services

BuildingLogix leverages our automated building analytics platform to enhance the capabilities of your master system integration.

Optimize the Functionality of Your Master System Integration With BuildingLogiX

A Master System Integration project is a significant investment that requires careful analysis of a facility’s building automation systems (BAS) and all elements that exist within. BuildingLogiX leverages our decades of automated building analytics knowledge to identify your BAS components, develop a scalable pathway, and integrate them onto a single platform.

Our services allow you to monitor and control all BAS equipment from an enterprise level, enabling your team to pinpoint minor issues before they develop into major problems.

Signs My Business Needs Master System Integration

  • Your building automation systems are from multiple vendors
  • Your company’s energy costs are rising
  • You have poor indoor air quality and occupant comfort
  • Your building automation system struggles to integrate new technology

Master System Integration Solutions for Your Industry

The BuildingLogiX team understands that managing HVAC and other essential equipment is a top priority for many companies. We have experience providing master system integration solutions for the following industries:

Fully Leverage Your Analytics in Building Automation With Our Connected Building Services

A master system integration project consolidates multiple building automation systems under a single platform, but this is difficult to monitor and requires careful analysis of all components to pinpoint issues. The Connected Building Services offered by BuildingLogiX allow you to fully optimize the efficiency of your HVAC, chiller, and other equipment by gathering data and generating graphs about their health and capacity. Our Fault Detection and Diagnostics software also lets your maintenance staff easily track building operations and quickly determine where upgrades and repairs are needed.

Enhance Your System’s Efficiency With Our Automated Building Analytics Solutions

BuildingLogix leverages our knowledge and experience to design and implement a master system integration platform that provides full visibility. Contact us today to begin your company’s journey to a more efficient future.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Master System Integration Services

We use Niagara’s building automation platform for our master system integration projects.

The time it takes depends on the project’s size and equipment being integrated.

Yes. Our solutions work for most existing building automation system equipment.