Discover how our connected building solutions improve energy efficiency in hospitals.

How do you know if your HVAC facilities are energy efficient if you don’t have the necessary data? Health Facilities Management Magazine suggests that hospitals use as much as 30% too much energy. The Connected Building Service (CBS) offered by BuildingLogiX provide strategic energy management and continuous commissioning that improves energy efficiency.

Improving Energy Management in Hospitals

Healthcare facilities use a significant amount of energy. Patient comfort and requirements and regulations on humidity levels and pressurization require constant use of HVAC systems. A recent study by the U.S. Department of Energy found that healthcare facilities account for nearly 10% of the energy consumed by the commercial sector in the United States. This high consumption makes efficient energy management in hospitals a top priority for key decision makers.

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What is the Case for Advanced Building Analytics?

A hospital campus isn’t just a single medical office building using one HVAC system. It’s a collection of buildings using multiple layered systems that are controlled by a complex building automation system (BAS).  Therefore the efficient operations of healthcare facilities require a high performance team to deliver – Technical Expertise, Analysis of High Velocity Data Streams, and Proactive Leadership.

These are the very same components of a successful baseball team, nine individual players ordered in a specific way to maximize offensive efficiency. But how does baseball leadership manage & judge results? Traditional statistics have been used for decades but, in recent years advanced analytics have unlocked tremendous potential for high performance.

So how can healthcare facility managers manage & judge results?  Today they can use advanced building analytics.  Energy bills don’t offer efficiency data, only usage, and costs. BuildingLogiX Connected Building Services provides an innovative technology platform with technical expert service to deliver advanced building analytics to key stakeholders.  These advanced analytics enable educated decisions to improve energy management in hospitals and healthcare facilities.  BuildingLogiX can  be your energy efficiency MVP.

Problems Healthcare Managers Face in Their Strategic Energy Management

Healthcare facility managers face a variety of issues when managing their energy systems. These include:

Building Diversity

Every building is different, and on a healthcare campus the variations are endless. Therefore, the requirements of efficient and high performance operations are unique. The deployment of Continuous Commissioning capabilities enables your team to meet the challenges and expectations of both occupants and facility management. Using building analytics software from BuildingLogiX helps provide specific solutions to each building’s unique requirements & problems.

Reacting to Building Operations

Operating a healthcare campus means constantly reacting to the needs and requirements of the buildings and their occupants.  As HVAC systems age, they also demand more and more investment of time and resources to sustain their efficient operations.  Advanced Building Analytics carefully queries and analyzes your systems looking proactively for minor issues when they start to occur. Fixing minor issues early helps save money by improving performance, reducing repair time, and increasing energy savings.

Reductions in Budget & Head Count

Across the nation, health systems ask their facilities teams to accomplish more with less.  Pressure to reduce head count and to pay the wages necessary to retain top talent seems to be unending, and budgets rarely do anything other than decline.  And to make matters worse every year building automation systems and HVAC equipment become more complex.  BuildingLogiX’s Connected Building Services is truly a Force Multiplier.  The robust analytics platform is supported by a team of technical experts:  Mechanical Engineers, Energy Engineers, and HVAC System Specialists who become extensions of your in-house team.  The CBS service combats the decline in budget by providing the Right Information, to the Right Person, at the Right Time.  Your team will gain access to reporting that helps diagnose which machines are affected and how the performance has changed so that your team can more quickly address issues.

Increased Campus Size

Healthcare facilities are always looking to increase square footage, but increased size doesn’t always lead to an increase in staff. This forces facility managers to be more efficient when working with their building’s energy systems.   Connected Building Services enables you to do more with less, the ultimate solution to an ever increasing campus footprint.

How Connected Building Services Improve Energy Management in Hospitals

CBS provides a variety of benefits for healthcare facilities. Some of those benefits include:

Lowered Costs

BuildingLogiX’s CBS creates a positive economic impact by showing you where buildings are inefficient, allowing facility managers to make cost-effective improvements that reduce energy waste and improve overall building performance. We guarantee a 10% reduction in your utility costs.

Improved Building Health

Organizing your energy systems’ data with our building analytics software will improve your buildings’ health in the long run. BuildingLogiX allows you to monitor your BAS data closely and track each system’s performance over time, helping you catch and repair issues when they are small.

Improved Productivity

The data provided by CBS allows your field technicians to know what systems are having problems and what tools they need to fix them. This saves repair times, limits expenses, and increases operational efficiency.

Why Use BuildingLogiX To Provide Connected Building Solutions for Your Healthcare Facility?

BuildingLogiX is a full-service technology provider that enables our clients to increase energy efficiency in their high-performing buildings. We offer the following services to assist our clients in their strategic energy management:


A BuildingLogix representative travels to your location to perform a complete site evaluation. Providing at least one year of utility bills and local demographic information will help our experts develop an accurate report. Our team will run the report and recommend the right system for your needs. CBS installation takes a few weeks and doesn’t require any interruption of your HVAC services. Our CBS system works with nearly every unit that is less than 20 years old, and we are brand agnostic, meaning you will always receive the solution that best suits your needs.

Data Gathering

Once installed, our system immediately starts pulling data from your BAS; the information is updated every 15 minutes and stored in a client-accessible data cloud. After one week, our team will formulate a full report of the data gathered and provide solutions to improve the overall health of your facilities. We will continue to develop new efficiency reports every month or quarter to track success.


We believe in establishing ongoing relationships with our clients. We strive to make continuous improvements to our technology and offer service when requested.

Institute Strategic Energy Management Practices Using BuildingLogiX

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