Intelligent Building Systems

BuildingLogiX offers intelligent building systems that validate the results of your AI building control systems.

Verify the Efficiency of Your Artificial Intelligence Building With Our Intelligence Assistance Platform

Artificial intelligence for buildings creates a difficult-to-predict infrastructure because it takes implementing known inputs into the system, analyzing the data produced, and putting outputs back in the system without any human interaction. This creates an environment that lacks checks and balances, making it nearly impossible for smart building owners to verify its effectiveness.

BuildingLogiX optimizes intelligent building systems by leveraging our Connected Building Services to organize the data, apply a known analytics engine to it, and then get outputs that validate the adjustments and results. Our intelligent assistance tool ensures that your building automation system’s optimization comes from your setpoints and processes.

Intelligent Building Systems for Your Industry

Artificial intelligent buildings are an emerging trend. BuildingLogiX has experience integrating this innovative technology for the following industries:

Overcome the Limitations of Your Building Controls Systems With Our Intelligence Assistance

Integrating AI into your building automation system is challenging because your equipment and components may lack the technological capabilities to fully optimize its capabilities. Using our Connected Building Services, you can overcome the limitations of your BAS controls by leveraging our people, processes, and controls. Partnering with BuildingLoigX to build your intelligent building systems reduces the project’s overall costs and increases the ROI.

Reduced Costs

Partnering with BuildingLogiX reduces the costs of your intelligent building system by leveraging our existing technology. You can utilize our Fault Detection and Diagnostic tools and data visualization graphs to optimize your artificial intelligence building.

Improved ROI

Our experience with BAS controls allows us to integrate our intelligent building system platform seamlessly. Partnering with us will enable your business to deliver a faster return on investment and maximize the benefits.

Validate Your Artificial Intelligent Building Control System

Our intelligent building systems leverage our technology to verify the effectiveness of your AI controls. Contact us today to optimize your building control systems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Intelligent Building Systems

Yes. BuildingLogiX leverages the latest cybersecurity technology to secure your building control system’s data.

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