Wholesale Hardware Distribution

Take advantage of our BAS wholesale hardware distribution and implement the right BAS devices in your facility’s systems.

How Do Our Hardware Distribution Services Work?

BuildingLogiX provides the right product for the right application. Our experience and client satisfaction are the drivers for the products we represent. We are not locked into any specific vendor so you can be sure that we will recommend the right devices for your application.

BuildingLogiX distributes Open BAS Hardware to provide a simple, one-stop service for our clients and partners. When we distribute BAS hardware to your business, we provide wired and wireless devices to you at wholesale prices. Our Open BAS hardware line is curated to support our Open BAS System philosophy: Open architecture from top to bottom, supported by a single open software tool from top to bottom. We believe the owner client should have the choice on who provides services and components for expansion and changes and our BAS hardware line supports this philosophy.

Increase Your Occupants’ Comfort With BuildingLogiX

It’s not a choice, you can have both. BuildingLogiX is committed to helping clients deliver comfort while minimizing operating costs and maximizing building health.

Which Brands Do We Work With?

We work with many different BAS equipment brands and vendors, including:

Our goal is to match the right BAS product for your specific application. We can recommend the right product from these and other vendors. Our loyalty is to you, our client and therefore we focus on choosing the right devices for your BAS systems.

Why Source Your BAS Hardware Through BuildingLogiX?

Sourcing your hardware through BuildingLogiX is a good idea for many reasons. Not only are we vendor agnostic, but we also offer the hardware you need at wholesale prices that fit your budget. Additionally, our engineers and application technicians can help you select the right devices for your building automation systems and implement them effectively. We bring professional expertise to our hardware distribution services.

How Does Our Hardware Distribution Benefit Your Business?

Our hardware distribution services benefit your business by giving you the devices that allow your building automation systems to operate effectively. We provide the hardware you need to gain insights into how your HVAC and other energy systems perform. We are here to serve your needs, so whether it’s 1 component or 1,000 we are here to help you get the right solution.

We then use our other services to help you interpret the data those BAS devices generate. Overall, our hardware distribution services benefit you because they combine with our other connected building services to give you a comprehensive understanding of your energy systems’ operations.

Implement BAS Hardware With BuildingLogiX

If you think your building automation systems need new hardware to improve their performance, reach out to BuildingLogiX today. We partner with you to improve your BAS because we understand that your facility or campus is a work in progress. Buildings aren’t finished when construction is completed. Instead, they need continual improvements that bring them to their peak performance levels. Trust BuildingLogiX to improve your building’s performance with our hardware distribution services. We pair them with our other connected building services to ensure that you get the best value out of your commercial energy systems.