Connected Building Services FAQ

Improve your understanding of Connected Building Services with our FAQ.

BuildingLogiX uses connected building services (CBS) to find areas of improvement and optimization in our clients’ building operations. Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ on CBS.

CBS is a technology enabled service that provides sophisticated analytics and fault detection capabilibility to existing HVAC and BAS infrastructure. Utilizing Connected Building Services (CBS) as a building energy management system can enable your facilities and building systems to operate efficiently and minimize operating costs. This energy information system uses Fault Detection & Diagnostics and Analytics Software to address the challenges of operating high-performing buildings and campuses. CBS allows facility managers and other personnel to reduce long-term costs while achieving operational excellence. Our services gather data from various sources to increase your staff’s productivity. These sources include:

  • Utility meters and bills
  • Chiller & Boiler Plants
  • Air Distribution Systems
  • Building automation systems
  • Lighting control
  • Access control
  • IoT devices

Many companies wait for issues and complaints to initiate action from their facilities’ team. This reactive approach is ineffective and costly because problems often aren’t noticeable until they’re major, increasing the risk of larger repairs and expensive replacement costs. Partnering with BuildingLogiX allows your team to leverage CBS and develop a proactive approach. CBS uses thousands of data points, securely extracted from your existing HVAC infrastructure, to provide real-time visibility into your building system’s health. The generated data helps your maintenance team make regular adjustments that maximize your equipment’s service life.

Overseeing the operations of a campus of buildings is complex and challenging. It is typical to operate from a reactive mode, and CBS helps alleviate this challenge and enables you to work on a more proactive basis by streamlining all data points under one umbrella, allowing your staff to easily monitor performance and recognize inconsistencies. Other benefits of CBS include:

Reduced Costs

CBS makes a positive economic impact by pinpointing where buildings are inefficient. Knowing the exact location and nature of a problem reduces the costs of labor and repair. This allows our clients to reduce energy waste and improve performance.

Enhanced Building Health

Our services help clients improve building health in the long run by closely monitoring key components of your building along with system performance. This in-depth analysis helps your facility team work proactively to repair and adjust the system.

Improved Productivity

Our connected building solutions show your team and contracted service providers when and where equipment problems or anomalies occur. These insights enable your team to use their valuable time efficiently and apply their expertise to the areas with the biggest problems. CBS enhances operational efficiency and cost savings by providing valuable data to building management personnel.

CBS collects data from your building automation system, but where is that data stored? Our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX) is built on the most advanced IT security tools and technologies. As such your data can be stored securely in your data storage environment or we can host BDX and your data in a secure cloud based data storage environment.

Our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX) platform analyzes the data to deliver actionable information that unlock savings and operational improvements. BDX connects to most systems and stores information in a user-friendly database. This platform provides the following services to enhance energy efficiency and performance:

Data Visualization

We understand that interpreting data is easier with visual aids. BDX provides data visualization tools that enable you to view, analyze, and share the right information with the right people. From dashboards to graphs and scorecards, these custom displays ensure you have what you need.

Strategic Energy Management

Setting goals and tracking progress is critical for maximizing the benefits of CBS. Our strategic energy management capabilities reduce energy consumption by comparing similiar systems across your campus, allowing your facility’s team to pinpoint improvement areas and report on successful areas.

Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Commercial building automation systems are designed to continue working efficiently and safely despite minor problems, increasing the likelihood of inefficient operations. FDD is a tool that helps maintenance teams embrace a proactive approach by continuously monitoring and uncovering recurring errors in your building’s HVAC system. Repairing minor issues reduces costs and prolongs your equipment’s useful life.

Chiller Plant Optimization

Chiller plants play a critical role in providing a comfortable space for occupants. They’re also one of the leading energy consumers in a facility. BDX offers a chiller plant optimization tool that provides transparent and easy-to-understand information about performance and energy usage.

Take Advantage of Our Connected Building Services

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CBS is a valuable asset that benefits businesses across multiple industries. Our user-friendly platform is ideal for owners who treat their buildings as an integral part of their daily operations. Some of the industries BuildingLogiX frequently works with include:


Patient comfort and strict regulations regarding humidity and pressurization levels require healthcare facilities to use a significant amount of energy. Implementing CBS into their complex systems helps facility managers make educated decisions to optimize their energy management. BuildingLogiX offers valuable insight into room occupancy and unit efficiency to provide a roadmap to better-performing buildings.


Government branches and local municipalities constantly deal with the challenge of maintaining efficient building operations while reducing the taxpayer burden for utility costs. Combining CBS and our BDX platform enhances the efficiency of in-house staff and provides a multilayered game plan for operations and energy usage.

K-12 Schools

Keeping classroom temperature at comfortable levels for students and teachers while reducing costs is challenging for school administrators. The benefits provided by CBS allow K-12 districts to hold their in-house maintenance staff and outsourced contractors accountable. Our services enable districts to set goals and report progress to local taxpayers.


Regulating the temperatures of dorms, classrooms, and offices requires the year-round use of HVAC systems which can lead to significant energy consumption. Implementing CBS into a campus allows multiple systems to communicate, providing real-time data and enabling university maintenance teams to make educated decisions.

Step 1: KiX-Start

Our implementation process begins with an initial consultation, where our expert team works with your facilities and IT teams to determine the ideal pathway for data gathering and storage. The journey to healthier buildings begins after securely linking your system to the BDX platform.

Step 2: The Data Journey

CBS begins gathering data from the connected points across your building automation systems and channels it into the BDX platform. Our system undergoes regular checkups to verify data connectivity and integrity. This data journey allows robust organization and opens the door to enhanced analysis and reporting.

Step 3: Analysis

The organized data is processed through our matrix of fault detections and rules based analytics, automatically generating graphs, charts, and trends that illuminate faulty operation and enable your maintenance team to make regular improvements to your system.

A growing business doesn’t always lead to a growing maintenance staff. CBS allows your facilities staff to work smarter while improving energy efficiency across a campus. Our solutions reduce costs by pinpointing the exact location of problems, minimizing repair costs, and maximizing the equipment’s useful life. We typically expect CBS to pay for itself and provide a return on investment in the 1st 12 months of operation. The longer CBS is in place the greater the savings and avoided costs, and we’ll guarantee our performance to minimize your risk.

The actual ROI seen depends on your system’s size and data produced, but we typically see 12–30% reductions in annual utility spend and 5–20% reductions in operational costs in the first year.


Create a Healthier Building With BuildingLogiX

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