Benefits & Impact of Connected Building Services

Connected Building Services reduces operating costs on average >20% while improving the performance and health of building operations and enhancing facilities team productivity.

Your commercial building or campus of buildings has building automation systems integrated into all its energy consuming systems. But are those building automation systems optimized? Do you use the data those systems generate to improve your systems’ operations? If the answer to either of these questions is “I don’t know”, your building or campus could benefit from a partnership with BuildingLogiX. We provide the Connected Building Services you need to understand how your buildings’ systems perform and how you can reduce operating costs.

What Benefits Do Connected Building Services Provide?

Connected Building Services use the data your building management systems generate to optimize the operations of your building. The benefits of these services include:

  • Connected Building Services reduces energy spend 10-30% with a corresponding reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Connected Building Services reduces operations costs 5-20% with a corresponding reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Our BDX building analytics software collects, organizes, and provides the real-time data you need, anytime you need it.
  • Take your building data and process from reactive to proactive; go beyond alarming and hot/cold calls with fault detection and diagnostics and data analytics.
  • BDX produces reports and data visualization tools that help you understand your buildings’ systems and prioritize changes and improvements.
  • When you use our Connected Building Services, you go from having little to no operational data for your building systems to having thousands of data points you can refer to when you make building management decisions.
  • Real visibility into your facility’s health that provides confidence for occupants and stakeholders.
  • You receive guidance and assistance from engineers and analysts who understand how to optimize building performance.
  • You can use BDX and Connected Building Services to set goals and see progress in real time.
  • Connected Building Services save you time and money both immediately and in the long run.
  • You retain control and ownership of your data.

Make Your Facility or Campus More Energy Efficient and Productive

Reach out to BuildingLogiX today to improve your energy efficiency measures and reduce your operational expenses.

What Impact Do Connected Building Services Have on Your Building or Campus?

Connected building services impact three main areas of building and business operations and performance:

  • Economics: Connected building services creates a positive economic impact on your organization by showing you where your buildings are inefficient. Then you can make cost-effective energy efficiency improvements to reduce energy waste and improve building performance. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory states that median energy savings of 12% is achieved from deployment of a Connected Building Service type EMIS.
  • Building Health: When you organize your building energy systems’ data with our BDX building analytics software, you improve your buildings’ health in the long run. How do you do this? With BDX, you can monitor the data your BAS produces closely and track each system’s performance over time. This type of analysis helps you repair or re-program to catch problems when they are small, rather than wait until performance degrades to the point of extreme waste or effecting occupant comfort. When you’re constantly aware of your buildings’ energy operations, you can maintain their health and performance successfully.
  • Productivity: When you take advantage of our connected building services, you can determine which energy systems have problems, which saves time for field technicians when they perform repairs. It allows them to see how each system operates and where inefficiencies occur. It also helps you implement energy-saving measures in the long run. Your building management personnel can use the new measures to respond to problems proactively. That generates operational efficiencies and cost savings.