Connected Buildings

Connected Building Services Generates Savings & Return on Investment, Optimizes Building Performance & Health, and Increases Productivity all by leveraging the operational data present in your facility.

What Makes a Connected Building?

At BuildingLogiX, we focus on creating connected buildings for organizations with large facilities and campuses. But what exactly is a connected building, and why would you want to have one? Let’s look at what a connected building is and how connecting your buildings can improve your building and campus performance, energy management, and business or organizational operations.

Nowadays, most commercial buildings have energy systems, such as HVAC and lighting, that are controlled by building automation systems (BAS) and/or energy management information systems (EMIS). These BAS/EMIS systems execute the control routines and display the current operating condition of their equipment and components. These control systems were not built to collect high volumes of data and definitely not designed nor capable of executing analytics and data visualization. A connected building has processes, software, and services in place that collect and analyze data to produce meaningful, actionable information for facility managers and other building and energy management personnel.

A BuildingLogiX connected building enables a sophisticated data analytics engine, data visualization, and the implementation of fault detection and diagnostics. The information produced by a connected building enables team members to easily compare the performance of similar buildings and systems to identify opportunities for improvement. You can also detect operational problems and poor programming and solve complex system problems by examining operational data. Overall, a connected building has the platforms and professional expertise in place to make sure it runs efficiently at all times.

How Does BuildingLogiX Make Buildings More Efficient?

We use the services below to improve commercial buildings’ and campuses’ efficiency and performance.

  • Connected Building Services

    Our connected building services help you determine how to reduce your energy consumption and increase operational efficiencies. These services partner you with our engineers and analysts, who help you navigate the process of making your building or campus more energy efficient.

  • BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX)

    Our BDX Analytics platform is the gateway to all the Connected Building Services we provide. This software enables building analysis and fault detection and diagnosis on a configurable basis. In addition the BDX platform supports data dashboards and visualization to provide the right information to the right person at the right time.

  • Healthy High-Performance Buildings

    Our connected building services create healthy, high-performance buildings that run efficiently and increase your energy savings. When your buildings are healthy, your personnel and business processes are more productive and your energy systems don’t work harder than necessary to operate your building efficiently.

Begin Implementing Connected Building Services in Your Building or Campus

Connect with us today to begin implementing our Connected Building Services in your commercial facility or campus. We’ll develop the right data analysis solutions for your energy systems.

Connect Your Building Management Systems With BuildingLogiX

If you’re ready to Generate Savings, Optimize Building Performance, and Increase Team Productivity then reach out to BuildingLogiX today. We have the resources, services, and expertise you need to make your buildings and your organization more energy efficient and productive. Trust us to use your energy systems data to help you improve your building operations.