Building Automation System Technology

BuildingLogiX takes pride in leveraging the latest building automation system technology for our clients.

Staying at the Forefront of Building Automation Controls Technology

The technology measuring the efficiency of building automation equipment is evolving, and partnering with the right service provider is key for leveraging the latest solutions. BuildingLogiX takes pride in enhancing our Connected Building Services with the latest tools and innovations. From Fault Detection and Diagnostics software software to AI integration, our OpenBAS philosophy gives our clients what they need to optimize their strategic energy management platform.

Our Technology Solutions

  • AI for Buildings

    The landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) has expanded remarkably, revolutionizing many sectors. Introducing AskBDX, a groundbreaking application of generative AI tailored for the Building Automation Systems (BAS) domain. This platform harnesses the power of extensive historical data and insights to power an intelligent chatbot designed to field inquiries concerning BAS and BDX sites.

  • Hardware Distribution

    We distribute hardware that supports our open BAS philosophy for your building automation systems. We give owners the choice to put the right product for the right application into the right situation for optimal performance. Our full range of products enables your building to grow from the device level up to the campus and enterprise level in ways that support your goals.

Integrate the Latest Building Automation System Technology

Partnering with BuildingLogiX allows you to leverage the latest building control system technology. Contact us today to start utilizing the latest tools.

Protecting Your Building Automation Data With the Latest Cybersecurity Solutions

Protecting the data produced by your building automation system is a top priority for the BuildingLogiX team. Leveraging the latest technology also means taking advantage of innovative cybersecurity platforms designed to prevent unauthorized access. BuildingLogiX is part of the Vykon channel and fully embraces their Secure by Default principle:

  • Make security easier by defaulting to the most secure configurations
  • Force administrators to do the right thing by requiring the factory password to be reset after configuring.
  • Regularly conduct secure product development processes
  • Provide the best configuration options based on the latest best practices