The advent of internet-based building automation in the early 2000’s and our success with this then cutting edge technology launched the inception of BuildingLogiX in 2006 with 1 simple idea – Leverage Open System Technology to Place a Virtual Service Technician in Your Building 24-7-365.

The spirit of this original idea still burns and is compounded by more than 15 years of practical experience, continuous technological break throughs, and our position as a market leader in the application of Building Intelligence through Connected Buildings.


We’re often asked what makes BuildingLogiX unique, and we are proud of our response.

The most unique element of BuildingLogiX is our more than 30 years of experience as a Specialty Mechanical Servicing Contractor combined with more than $15.0 Million dollars of investment in Innovation and Technology. These 2 skill sets combine to bring practical solutions based on real world experience and engineering to the technical realities of managing a campus of buildings.  Our clients choose BuildlingLogiX for our Passion, Commitment to Excellence, and Ability to Deliver Results.

The BuildingLogiX BDX (BuildingLogiX Data Exchange) is today in it’s 4thGeneration and is the bedrock of the Connected Building Service platform.  With over 200 Million square feet of Connected Building Services across America we have the expertise and experience to ensure that your campus is not only connected to produce Insights and Analytics, but that you and your team have the proper workflow, processes, and training to utilize these powerful tools to produce tangible and lasting results.

We look forward to providing you a “Demonstration” of the BuildingLogiX experience.