About Us

We are a technology-driven service provider that enables clients to Produce Savings, Increase Intelligence of Building Operations and Improve Facilities team productivity by Connecting Buildings through People, Processes, and Technology.

What does BuildingLogiX do? We deliver a technology-enabled service supported by our expert team of engineers, energy managers, and BAS experts. This service helps clients achieve the following goals: optimize building performance, reduce operating costs to the lowest possible levels, and maximize productivity of our clients’ facilities teams.

Our Mission

BuildingLogiX is a technology-driven service provider.  Clients work with BuildingLogiX to achieve goals such as lower operating costs; healthy, high-performance building operations, and dramatically increased facility team productivity. Connected building services enable clients to harness our expertise, processes, and technologies to deliver analytics, fault detection, energy management, and intelligence on a scalable platform from one to 1,000 buildings. We consistently deliver 10% to 30% reduction in annual utility spend and a 5% to 20% reduction and cost avoidance in operational costs, which enables us to provide connected building services with predictable and positive results to meet any budget cycle. We have experience enhancing building operations for colleges and universities, hospitals and medical campuses, and municipalities.

Our Company History

The advent of internet based building automation in the early 2000s and our success with this then-cutting edge technology launched the inception of BuildingLogiX in 2006 with one simple idea: leverage open system technology to place a virtual service technician in your building 24/7/365.

The spirit of this original idea still burns and is compounded by more than 15 years of practical experience, continuous technological breakthroughs, and our position as a market leader in the application of building intelligence through connected buildings.

Generate Savings and Optimize Building Performance with BuildingLogiX Integration and Installation Services

Learn about the range of technical services we offer that help you streamline and modernize your existing Building Automation Systems and controls.

Who We Serve

We serve institutions, businesses, and organizations with owner-occupied buildings that they treat as integral to their business operations. These institutions, organizations, and businesses include hospitals and healthcare facilities, colleges and universities, municipalities, K-12 schools, industrial and manufacturing plants, corporate facilities, and military and government facilities. Since their buildings are company assets, it’s important for our clients that their buildings perform in a healthy, energy-efficient way. Our professional services and technology show our clients how their buildings perform and where problem areas exist. Then we help them solve those problems and improve their buildings’ performance. Ultimately, we help our clients avoid wasted utility spending, sunk costs, and wasted time. Our services generate a major return on investment (ROI) in their buildings’ systems.

Key Stats

With Connected Building Services

More Than 20%

Operating Savings

Over 500 Million Sq Ft

of Deployments in Occupied Buildings

5th Generation

technology platform with more than 15 years of operation

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