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How do you gauge your HVAC systems’ efficiency if you don’t have the data to back it up? The Connected Building Services (CBS) offered by BuildingLogiX allow you to monitor your systems and improve energy efficiency in your school district.

Using BuildingLogiX’s Connected Building Services (CBS) allows you to monitor your equipment daily, leading to improved energy efficiency and increased taxpayer savings.

How Energy Management in Schools Is Different

School district managers face a unique situation when dealing with their energy management systems. Keeping room temperatures at comfortable levels for students and staff while limiting the burden on taxpayers is a difficult balance. Each district has its own approach to managing its systems but lacks the employees to perform regular maintenance. As a result, labor is contracted out and typically used when systems require expensive repairs.

Enhance Energy Conservation In School Buildings With Connected Building Services

The buildings in your school district have heating and cooling systems (HVAC) installed in them. These systems have three primary functions:

  • Raise room temperature in the winter
  • Lower room temperature in the summer
  • Regulate airflow

Most HVAC systems are monitored by a building automation system (BAS) that provides basic controls but doesn’t:

  • Provide data on efficiency
  • Run advanced analytics
  • Alert you when faults appear in the system

By using CBS and our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX), you’re presented with valuable efficiency data that leads to actionable solutions.

How Using BuildingLogiX Improves Energy Conservation in School Buildings

BuildingLogiX uses CBS to deliver insights on your building’s performance. The information gathered by CBS is sent to BDX, our analytics platform that analyzes the data, uploads them to a web portal, and provides actionable solutions. By deploying these solutions, your building continues to operate at a healthy high performance. Our BDX software offers a centralized view of your building’s operations and gives you a better understanding of how your systems work.

Strategic Energy Solutions That Improves Energy Management in Schools

Looking to improve the energy efficiency of your school? Contact BuildingLogiX today to start analyzing your building systems’ data.

Benefits Provided by Our Strategic Energy Management Solutions

Our CBS software provides the following benefits for schools:

Reduced Operating Costs

Our innovative fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) software help reveal new and recurring problems that impact the efficiency of your systems. We have installed CBS in more than 500 million square feet of buildings and have seen energy savings as high as 30%.


BuildingLogiX’s strategic energy management systems provide accurate data that allows you to:

Contractor Accountability

For years, utility bills have been the only way to judge your return on investment (ROI) on your contracted maintenance staff. Our strategic energy management program allows you to see if your contractors are delivering quality work.

CBS delivers accurate information, at the right time and allows your contractors to be more proactive. By providing detailed information to your repair technicians, you improve their response time and lower repair costs.

Operational Budget Efficiency

Taxpayers always want to know if their money is being spent wisely. The data provided by CBS allows you to:

  • Set achievable goals
  • Track progress
  • Report progress

Setting and achieving long-term goals allows you to show local taxpayers that you care how their money is spent. The savings generated by CBS allow you to invest more money in the education of your students.

User Friendliness

CBS analyzes the energy efficiency of your system and visualizes that data on an easy-to-understand public dashboard. This user-friendly reporting helps you proactively respond to problems impacting your building’s health.

Side view of a person looking at phone with graph

Raise Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) With BuildingLogiX

Operating healthy buildings with a strong IAQ has never been more important. A healthy building leads to a healthy learning environment for your students and teachers. This leads to a more satisfied staff and higher student test scores. BDX features an IAQ monitoring system that assesses your building’s air quality. Faulty HVAC systems allow dirt, dust, and mold to enter your building, leading to potential health issues.

Our services mean that your HVAC systems run efficiently and provide great IAQ for students and teachers.

Boost Energy Conservation in School Buildings With BuildingLogiX

BuildingLogiX has provided school districts with energy solutions for over 10 years. We have a strong track record of reducing energy consumption in schools and even help districts take advantage of energy savings grants. Contact BuildingLogIX today if you’re interested in improving energy efficiency in your school.