Energy and Facilities Management for Schools

The Connected Building Services offered by BuildingLogiX allow you to monitor your systems and improve energy efficiency in your school district.

Improve Energy Efficiency in Your School District With Connected Building Services

School district managers face a unique situation when dealing with their energy management systems. Keeping room temperatures at comfortable levels for students and staff while limiting the burden on taxpayers is a difficult balance. Each district has its approach to managing its systems but lacks the employees to perform regular maintenance. As a result, labor is contracted out and typically used when systems require expensive repairs.

BuildingLogiX uses Connected Building Services (CBS) to deliver insights on your building’s performance. The information gathered by CBS is sent to Building LogiX Data eXchange (BDX), our analytics platform that analyzes the data, uploads them to a web portal, and provides actionable solutions. By deploying these solutions, your building continues to operate at a healthy high performance. Our BDX software offers a centralized view of your building’s operations and gives you a better understanding of how your systems work.

Benefits of Connected Building Services for Schools

The data gathered by CBS offers the following benefits for schools:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Optimized cost savings
  • Enhance occupant comfort
  • Improved space utilization

Facilities Management for Schools That Optimize Indoor Air Quality

Circulating clean air is vital for staff satisfaction and enhancing the learning experience for students. CBS seamlessly connects with a school’s building automation systems to verify that they’re operating properly and ventilating air that’s free of dirt, dust, and other allergens. Our IAQ monitoring system assesses the air quality and helps ensure administrators are providing the best environment. We also work closely with clients to help determine which structure has the best IAQ and offer recommendations for improvement.

Improve Energy Management in Your School With Our Strategic Energy Solutions

Leveraging the power of CBS allows you to transform vital data into actionable insight. Contact us today to start your school’s journey to a more efficient future.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Energy and Facilities Management for Schools

CBS is backed by advanced IT security tools and technologies. Your data can be safely stored in your own environment or protected by our secure cloud-based platform.

The implementation period depends on the project’s size and scope. Contact us today to start mapping out the process.

The ROI of CBS depends on a variety of factors, but we typically expect a full return in the first 12 months.