Commercial Indoor Air Quality

If you have indoor air quality technologies and measures in place, we ensure that they meet your building’s needs.

Improving indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a significant priority for commercial building owners and managers in recent years. Many owners and managers have invested in IAQ energy solutions and systems, but they’re not sure how to get the most out of these improvements. Do you think you’re getting the most out of your IAQ monitoring system or other IAQ solutions? If you’re not, don’t worry. BuildingLogiX has the resources and services to help you get more out of your indoor air quality monitoring technologies.

BuildingLogiX’s IAQ Monitoring Capabilities

When you partner with BuildingLogiX, we take your IAQ monitoring systems and connect them to our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX) building analytics software. BDX begins analyzing the data these systems produce to assess your building’s air quality and find any potential problems in your HVAC system. BDX also connects to building automation systems (BAS) and brings their data into the system. It shows you the data from the BAS and the IAQ monitors in a centralized portal to let you compare the systems’ reports.

Indoor Air Quality Problems To Look For

How do you know if your building has IAQ problems? Examine your data in BDX to see if your HVAC system’s air purifiers and filters work properly. If they don’t, they will let in particulate matter, such as dirt, dust, and mold, that may harm your system and your facility’s occupants. Poor air quality can also include improper levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and toxic carbon monoxide. Once you analyze the IAQ monitor and BAS data in BDX, take steps to improve the air quality that your HVAC system creates.

Improve Your IAQ With Our BDX Software

Connect with us to begin using our building analytics software to improve your building’s or campus’s indoor air quality.

How Our IAQ System Monitoring Improves Multi-Building Campuses

BDX works for more than singular commercial building setups. It also brings in data from IAQ monitors and building automation systems throughout multiple buildings across a commercial, governmental, or educational campus. Once BDX brings your buildings’ indoor air quality data together, you can use it to compare your buildings’ indoor air quality levels against each other. Then we work with you to interpret the data and determine which buildings have the best IAQ, which have the worst, and how to improve the buildings with poor indoor air quality.

What Industries Do We Provide IAQ Solution Improvements For?

We improve indoor air quality solutions for buildings in the following industries and sectors:

These industries all have IAQ needs that our services and solutions meet. For instance, hospitals and other inpatient healthcare facilities have to make sure their HVAC systems produce top-quality IAQ that keeps patients healthy and operating rooms sterile. Municipalities need to ensure their local government buildings have HVAC systems that use taxpayers’ money well by operating properly and creating safe facilities for the community. K-12 schools, colleges, and universities need to generate good indoor air quality to keep students, faculty, and staff healthy and comfortable throughout the school year. We work with building staff in all these sectors and industries to ensure their HVAC systems produce and ventilate clean, healthy air.

Create and Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality With BuildingLogiX

BuildingLogiX’s services and solutions ensure that your HVAC systems provide great IAQ and all of your other systems run efficiently as well. Everything we offer helps you create healthy, safe facilities while keeping your utility cost manageable. When you partner with BuildingLogiX, we’ll help your staff every step of the way as they analyze and interpret the data that BDX generates. We do everything we can to guide you toward safe and efficient energy usage.

If you’re ready to see what data your IAQ monitoring systems have collected, reach out to us today. We’re ready to connect your IAQ monitors and BAS to our software and analyze the data your systems generate. We want to start you on the path to better, more effective energy consumption throughout your facility or campus. You can make the most of your current IAQ energy solutions, and BuildingLogiX is here to help you do that.

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