Master Systems Integrator

If you have different building automation systems installed on your campus, our master systems integrator services bring them together onto a single common platform to give you choices, reduce operational costs, and extend the useful life and operation of the various BAS systems.

When you implement smart building solutions in your facility, you want all your building systems to work together so you can optimize your facility’s performance. As your master systems integrator, BuildingLogiX works as your building automation consultant, and we ensure all your automation controls systems work together to achieve peak operational efficiency and create options that lower your operational costs. Here’s what we do when we use our master systems integrator services to consult on your building automation systems.

For more than 15 years, BuildingLogiX has provided master systems integration support and consultation for clients around the United States. Our principled and process-driven operations ensure outcomes that meet your needs, project schedule, and budget.

Did You Get the Building Systems Your Facility Needs?

For existing buildings, the selection of your BAS system was often driven on a combination of first cost, engineer’s preference, or dumb luck. The fact that your campus has multiple BAS systems that do not talk to each other causes pain on a daily basis. This situation is common on today’s multi-building campuses, and there are several options available to create a working platform that brings together key data streams, enables a choice for service and maintenance, and creates a platform to increase the knowledge and expertise of your existing team. When we act as a master systems integrator, we advise and consult with you to ensure the systems meet your facility’s energy and operational needs. Deploying BuildingLogiX as your MSI will extend the useful life of your existing BAS systems, and reduce the annual operating costs of your buildings.

Open Your Building Systems Up to Multiple Vendors

Reach out to us today to determine how well your building’s different automation systems work together and produce usable data and lower operational costs.

Do Master Systems Integrator Services Include BAS Installation?

No, they do not. The proper deployment of a master systems integrator brings together the best of all worlds, meaning expanding the utilization and benefit of existing BAS systems, and also giving your preferred vendors the chance to continue working with you in a fair and economic manner. Typically, clients see reduced cost for service contracts, programming changes, training, and future expansions while using contractors and vendors whom they trust. The presence of the MSI provides the owner with the subject matter expertise that squeezes value from each step of the operating process and brings the best performance from all systems and team members.

Why Do You Need a Master Systems Integrator?

You need a master systems integrator to help you find ways to make your building automation systems work together. We create connectivity to put all your building automation systems together so you can monitor and control them in a more centralized way. We understand how building owners want to access their BAS data and controls, and we use our master systems integrator services to give you the systems access and controls you want and need.

Break the Chains of Proprietary BAS and Move to Master Systems Integration for Access, Support, and Connectivity

Connect with us today to open new doors of possibility for getting more from your existing BAS system, with choice and options for support going forward. We have the resources and expertise you need to create the connectivity and open access to support that you deserve.

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