Master Systems Integrator

If you have different building automation systems installed on your campus, our master systems integrator services bring them together onto a single common platform to give you choices, reduce operational costs, and extend the useful life and operation of the various BAS systems.

Frustrated with multiple BAS systems that don’t talk together, create artificial divides in your facilities, and skillset bottlenecks? Tired of paying outrageously high prices for OEM Control Service agreements? Our MSI service creates an open and integrated platform that brings together multiple BAS systems with no artificial barriers and a common interface that enables your team members to monitor and operate all of your existing BAS systems.

With the result you’re able to manage your campus as 1 system through 1 interface with 1 set of training and skillset.

The BuildingLogiX team of BAS Integration experts have decades of experience designing, programming, and integrating BAS systems of all makes and models. For more than 15 years, our team has provided master systems integration support and consultation for clients around the United States. Our principled and process-driven operations ensure outcomes that meet your needs, project schedule, and budget.

Our Master Systems Integration Process

Our process begins by listening to you to understand your unique challenges and problems.  It’s also important that we work together to define the goals, objectives and desired outcomes that make this project a success for you.

We collaborate with your team to design a tailored solution, and create an implementation plan that brings your goals and objectives to life.

Delivering MSI Projects typically involve our team providing:

  • Installing an Open BAS platform
  • Organize and implement proper communication drivers & protocols
  • Identify and implement custom programming
  • Prepare custom graphics
  • Develop custom integrations
  • Point mapping for data organization
  • Communication tunneling
  • Provide building system analytics

Planning and executing a successfull project requires a wealth of knowledge and experience.  BuildingLogiX has a deep bench of veteran integrators with the right expertise to deliver on your unique and custom solution.  Our highly skilled team handles even the most complex integrations with organized speed and efficiency.

Open Your Building Systems Up to Multiple Vendors

Reach out to us today to determine how well your building’s different automation systems work together and produce usable data and lower operational costs.

What are the Benefits of a Master Systems Integration Project?

  • Greater facilities team productivity
  • Potential to reduce and/or eliminate high-cost OEM BAS Service Agreement
  • Opens door for freedom of choice of BAS technology/vendor for new expansions
  • Creates a migration path from older legacy BAS to the latest technologies
  • Future-proof
  • Simplifies the operation of your BAS system
  • Unlock the Full potential of your existing BAS system
  • Creates the choice to extend the life of existing BAS systems And Prevents spending capital dollars to fully replace systems that are not obsolete

Where Does MSI Make the Most Sense?

  • Existing building campuses with multiple BAS workstations, each assigned to only 1 vendor’s system.
  • Where the Facility Team benefits from having a single network-based access to all of their existing and future BAS systems.
  • Campuses looking to expand with different BAS technology than what is installed currently.
  • Places where you would like to consolidate some or all your BAS programming in one place?

Break the Chains of Proprietary BAS and Move to Master Systems Integration for Access, Support, and Connectivity

Connect with us today to open new doors of possibility for getting more from your existing BAS system, with choice and options for support going forward. We have the resources and expertise you need to create the connectivity and open access to support that you deserve.