Who We Serve

BuildingLogiX helps clients in Healthcare, College & Universities, K-12 Education, Municipalities, and Industrials improve performance that delivers healthy, high-performance buildings.

How Do Our Services Benefit the Organizations We Work With?

What types of businesses and organizations benefit from our Connected Building Services? Our services work best for businesses with owner-occupied buildings that they treat as integral to their operations. If you want to create and sustain healthy environments and understand and manage your energy consumption then our services are the right fit for your building or campus.

BuildingLogiX deploys a user-friendly, non-invasive software platform that supports a multitude of BAS connections and integration protocols, which create the following capabilities for the client:

  • The ability to capture high volume, high velocity, and otherwise unattainable operational data from multiple sources and devices.
  • The ability to organize and normalize that data from disparate systems and programming languages, apply complex algorithms and analytics, and create actionable intelligence that impacts device performance and consumption to enable preventive and predictive maintenance and real-time commissioning.
  • A robust live dashboard providing real time performance data at multiple levels across the enterprise from campus and facility overviews all the way through to the system and individual device levels, curated by stakeholder and available on multiple platforms.

Our Services Deliver

  • 10%-30% reduction in energy spend and corresponding reduction of greenhouse gases

  • 5%-20% reduction and cost avoidance in operational costs

  • Increased lifespan of capital assets with mitigated risk of system failure

  • Live operational dashboard of the entire enterprise down to the device level

  • Team of energy engineers at the client’s disposal identifying ECM’s and operational issues

  • Improved efficiency and availability of engineering staff

  • Operational optimization and sustainability

  • Insights for campus planning and future construction

  • Hard dollar ROI begins with first report and full recovery within 9-18 months

Industries We Serve

We help businesses and organizations in the following sectors and industries understand how their buildings’ systems operate.


We ensure healthcare facilities keep staff and patients comfortable and safe.


We help municipalities oversee the building systems across all their campuses.

K-12 Education

We enable school districts to reduce operating costs while improving comfort conditions for their classrooms & support facilities.

Colleges and Universities

We help colleges and universities manage their building systems across their sprawling campuses.

M&V & Commissioning Agents

The commissioning services provided by BuildingLogiX allow M and V and commissioning agents to develop additional revenue streams.

Turn Challenge Into Opportunity With BuildingLogiX

Connect with us today to assess your building’s performance and how the deployment of Connected Building Services can drive your success.

Optimize Your Building for Healthy High Performance

If you need to do more with less, have pressure to reduce operating costs, or are struggling to cover all of your workload with existing personnel, call BuildingLogiX. We specialize in creating unique solutions that leverage existing infrastructure to meet the challenges of operating complex facilities.