Client Testimonials

Find out what our clients have to say about our Connected Building Services.

We’ve improved building performance, reduced operating costs, and made positive impacts for many businesses and organizations over the years.
Here are just a few of the comments shared by our clients:

What we’ve learned through our engagement with BuildingLogiX is that the more we can do digitally and proactively, the more we can drive down operating costs, and the smarter and cheaper we can operate. The Connected Building Services has been instrumental to our success.

Judging your team’s performance from the level of comfort complaints is an expensive habit and NOT a recipe for success. We’ve had more service calls in the year after installing BuildingLogiX’s Connected Building Services than ever in our history, yet our operating costs are down, and our comfort complaints are at an all-time low.

FDD itself is NOT a money saver. FDD creates opportunities to proactively find problems; and fixing those problems normally reduces operating costs. We have benefited greatly from our partnership with BuildingLogiX to implement and administer our FDD program.

The BuildingLogiX data extraction and analysis is very strong. We’ve found the Connected Building Service analytics to be very accurate in pointing to underlying issues and system concerns. So the overall tool is very useful to the maintenance and health of the Building Automation System.

FDD is a Tool that we need because we don’t have enough skilled manpower to troubleshoot the graphics of BAS.