Strategic Energy Management Program

Our strategic energy management services help you set goals for your energy systems and compare systems and buildings against each other so you can measure their performance.

Our Strategic Energy Management Program

When you manage your commercial building’s or campus’s energy systems, utilization of strategic energy management (SEM) can create and sustain long-term economic advantages. This type of energy management helps you monitor and improve your systems’ performance methodically. Our SEM program helps you compare energy systems and set energy goals to significantly reduce your energy consumption. This is a best practice utilized in complex facilities around the world to produce lasting results.

Our SEM program uses our BDX software’s capabilities and our team’s energy management expertise to achieve operational excellence in your facility. We help you analyze the information your energy management systems produce to ensure your buildings are as energy efficient as possible. BuildingLogiX has successfully performed energy services in many vertical markets such as colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, K-12 schools, and commercial and industrial facilities. Leveraging data, setting achievable goals, tracking progress, and consistently reporting progress are important steps we can help you with.

Improve Your Energy Systems With BuildingLogiX

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How SEM Affects Your Operational Efficiency

Strategic energy management affects your operational efficiency by allowing you to make continuous improvements through your buildings and their energy systems. You can use our software and services to organize and analyze your energy systems’ metered data and see where inefficiencies occur in every system and building. This process often begins by helping clients build out a more robust metering infrastructure to unlock the power of data analytics on their energy consumption.

Then you can take steps to reduce those inefficiencies and put more energy-efficient business processes in place. Once you implement those processes and some new energy efficiency measures, you’ll see big energy savings throughout your facility or campus. A method of SEM creates metrics around ROI, risk, and magnitude of impact to make decision making and project plans clear.

What You Should Know About Energy Efficiency Evaluations, Measurements, and Verification

Our Connected Building Services allow you to perform energy efficiency evaluations, measurements, and verification more easily by giving you thousands of data points to collect, organize, and interpret. Our clients have referred to this process as “continuous commissioning.” When you have all this data to reference, you can center your energy management decisions around it to improve operational performance throughout your building or campus.

Then you can keep collecting data as you implement new energy efficiency measures to verify that they improve your energy systems’ operational performance. Ultimately, we can help you integrate the data collected into your strategic energy management plans and help you implement an energy efficiency program. Once you have those processes in place, you can make cost-effective energy decisions for your facility or campus.

Implement Strategic Energy Management Measures With BuildingLogiX

Find out how our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX) software and our accompanying services from our engineers and analysts can help you create the right strategic energy management plans for your facility or campus.