Municipal Energy Solutions

Increase energy efficiency for your municipality with our energy management solutions.

Municipalities need to adopt energy efficient best practices to provide energy savings for their communities. But how can they do that? BuildingLogiX’s strategic energy management (SEM) solutions help your municipality track how much energy it uses and reduce its energy consumption.

What Does BuildingLogiX Offer Municipalities?

We offer municipal governments the ability to manage their energy consumption closely and make continuous improvements to their energy systems when and where necessary. Our Connected Building Services allow you to view all of your public buildings’ energy data in one centralized location—our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX) portal.

Our portal gives you a space to view how your buildings’ systems operate and compare them to one another. Once you view and compare your building systems’ operations, you can determine where you can reduce energy consumption to lower your utility bills.

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What Services Do We Offer to Municipalities?

Our team is here to help you get the most out of your BDX platform. Our engineers and technicians are always available to help you navigate your systems’ data and make sense of it. For example, we can work with you to analyze your heaters and air conditioners and determine where your HVAC system experiences the most heat loss.

Once we collaborate with you to find your system’s trouble spots, we recommend ways to reduce that heat loss. Ultimately, our services help municipalities reduce their energy consumption to the lowest possible levels to make your community’s public buildings as energy efficient as they can be.

Why Should Municipalities Take Advantage of BuildingLogiX’s Services?

Often, when a company comes in and helps you manage and analyze your building systems’ data, they control the data. When your municipal government partners with BuildingLogiX, you maintain control of your building systems’ data. You can purchase our software from us and analyze your data without entering into a long-term contract with us. Our software helps you bring your energy bills down to the lowest possible level, but we stay flexible in our relationship to ensure you use our software and services how and when needed.

Begin Analyzing Your Building Systems With BuildingLogiX

Reach out to us today to start generating and analyzing your building systems’ data to make energy improvements in your municipality.

How Do BuildingLogiX’s Services Improve New Municipal Buildings?

If you’re wondering, “How can our government reduce energy consumption in a new building?”, BuildingLogiX has answers for you. If you acquire a new building for your municipal government, make sure that it has building automation systems (BAS) installed in it. If it does, BDX can analyze the BAS data and compare it to the rest of your municipal buildings. Then you can look for opportunities to bring it to the same level of energy efficiency as your other buildings.

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How Do We Help You Meet Your Constituents’ Needs and Requirements?

In a municipality, you’re not just adjusting building systems to meet occupants’ needs or equipment requirements. You’re also adjusting the systems to give your constituents what they want from their local government.

When you use BDX, you find the opportunities to improve your building systems. Then you use BDX to generate reports that you are able to distribute to your constituents. These buildings are important assets in your community, and BDX improves your transparency for your building-related decisions. This transparency helps your constituents understand how you are investing in the community for them.

Improve and Connect Your Municipal Buildings With BuildingLogiX

We provide our BDX platform and our strategic energy management and Connected Building Services to connect all the municipal buildings in your community. We found that when many buildings began using BAS to control and monitor their energy systems, communities and campuses didn’t have ways to put data from their different buildings together in one place.

We connect municipal buildings through our software platform and all of our services. That way, you can put all of your building systems’ data together and locate places in them that need repairs or that could benefit from improvement projects. If you believe your municipality would benefit from BuildingLogiX’s services and software platform, connect with us today. We can help you put BDX in place and begin making building systems improvements throughout your municipality.

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