Municipal Energy Solutions

Connected Building Services from BuildingLogiX increase the energy efficiency of municipal buildings and enhance productivity.

Imagine an interactive technology platform that monitors a building’s operational efficiency and provides data that alerts you to possible improvements or if there’s a problem. BuildingLogiX’s Connected Building Services (CBS) provides a centralized view of a buildings’ operations, which gives you a better understanding of how efficient and healthy your building is.

Understanding Your Strategic Energy Management Systems

Heating and cooling systems (HVAC) installed in local government buildings contain:

  • Heating equipment
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Air conditioning equipment

HVAC systems regulate temperature all year, keeping buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Virtually all HVAC systems are controlled by a building automation system (BAS) that monitors:

  • On and off scheduling
  • Basic diagnostics
  • Routine status updates

A traditional BAS is not capable of optimizing the efficiency and operations of a building without the constant attention of a highly skilled HVAC systems engineer, a daunting thought in today’s workplace. The range of factors and conditions that affect building performance are as varied as the people who inhabit them. Yet the expectation of our constituents is that their public facilities will be healthy, safe, comfortable, and durable.

Compounding these challenges is the reality that most municipalities have multiple different types of BAS and mechanical brands installed throughout their facilities, thereby making the learning and support curves more difficult. Understanding how your system operates requires expert knowledge of the equipment, the BAS system that controls it, and advanced computer literacy. It is typical that BAS systems are ignored by in-house staff because the complexities have outpaced building maintenance staff capabilities.

Increase Energy Efficiency With Connected Building Services

Connected Building Services is a technology-enabled service that harnesses BuildingLogiX’s expertise and processes to deliver in-depth analysis on building performance. We utilize a Continuous Data Driven Commissioning model to drive process.  CBS has a variety of applications, including:

  • Chiller plant optimization
  • Real-time commissioning
  • Optimizing building system operations
  • Extend productivity and useful life of equipment

The data gathered by CBS is compiled by our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX), an analytics platform where valuable information is transformed into actionable solutions. This platform can easily interface with many of the most popular BAS installed in the market. The data is stored in IT friendly methods that enable both in-house technicians, and BuildingLogiX experts to review the analytic outputs to identify opportunities for improvement.

How Can the Government Reduce Energy Consumption?

The data provided by your BAS only offers information regarding equipment operation, and utility meters can only report usage, in isolation these don’t:

  • Provide information on energy efficiency
  • Store large amounts of data
  • Run advanced analytics
  • Generate customized data reports on energy usage
  • Alert building manager to equipment inefficiencies long before a fault occurs in the system

This is where using CBS and our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX) helps provide a multi-layered strategic energy management report on the performance and energy usage of municipal buildings. Our energy management systems supply the data that municipalities use to reduce energy consumption and save taxpayers money. BuildingLogiX offers Monitoring Based Commissioning through a Connected Building Strategy.

Ready to start analyzing your system data to improve energy efficiency?

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Benefits of Our CBS Solution for Municipal Buildings

Our CBS solution provides the following benefits to municipalities:

Data Ownership & IT Security

We understand that municipal data and information from public facilities is delicate and must be treated in accordance with proper regulations. BuildingLogiX is unique in the marketplace in that we allow you to host your own data storage and retain ownership of the data produced from your facilities. Most companies require that  their software be connected to their proprietary database, which means the vendor has complete control of your data. BuildingLogiX allows your municipality choices on where to store the data and even the option to buy our software outright. That way, only you own your data.

Increased Cost Savings

CBS creates a long-term positive economic impact by showing you where buildings are inefficient. Connected Building Service projects often produce greater than 23% in utility and operational savings in the 1st year alone. In addition, the intelligence and data provided helps you catch and repair problems while still minor, leading to cheaper repair costs.

Improved Building Health

Our analytics software improves the health of your building through fault detection and diagnostics (FDD). Our FDD software reveals opportunities to improve the operational efficiency of your building. The continuous commissioning element of CBS enables your building performance to be optimized, ensuring the highest levels of health and ventilation possible.

Increased Staff Efficiency

BDX provides up-to-the-minute information that allows you to pinpoint issues while they are still minor. Knowing the specific problem saves time for your building management personnel and increases cost savings on repairs. Many clients consider the monitoring based commissioning element of CBS as a Force Multiplier for their in-house facilities team.

Extends Asset Life

One of the best ways to demonstrate great stewardship to your constituents is by preserving and protecting the assets and facilities built for their municipality. Through strategic energy management, continuous commissioning, real time analytics, and expert engineering support, your team can maximize the useful operating life of your building systems.

How Our Connected Building Services Are Implemented to Increase Energy Efficiency for Municipalities?


The implementation process begins by working with your facilities and IT teams to lay out the preferred pathway for data extraction and storage. BuildingLogiX has worked with all manner of industrial, military, healthcare, and government IT teams to create workable solutions. A connection is made linking together the building to the BDX data exchange, and the journey begins.

The Data Journey

The simple formula of our process is listed to the right.

Data for all connected points from all building systems is channeled and there are periodic verifications for data connectivity and integrity. One of the most critical steps in the process is the tagging and organization of all data. Enabling a robust organization of data opens the door for enhancing analysis, reporting, and visualization.

Data Analysis

The organized data is processed through the matrix of analytics to automatically generate graphs, charts, tables, score cards, and trends that provide information regarding:

  • Chiller performance at the plant and machine level
  • Ventilation of the facility from the device level to the building level
  • Airflow & water flow trends over time and plotted against building comfort conditions
  • Valve leaks
  • Actual energy spending vs. budgeted energy spending
  • And the list goes on with more than 150 analytics ready to go out of the box for your facilities

While all of the outputs and analytic reports are available via the online platform for building managers to use and make continuous improvements to their systems.

The true power of the Connected Building Service is seen during the regular technical reporting sessions. At the agreed upon frequency, BuildingLogiX generates a detailed engineered report with recommendations and the data to support our conclusions. We also show calculated energy savings and building impact figures so you know in advance the return on investment for making recommended changes and improvements. The mission of Connected Building Services is to deliver the right intelligence, to the right person, at the right time, and providing this consistently over time creates predictable performance and drives down operating utility costs and improves the health and asset preservation of your facilities.

Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Municipal Building With BuildingLogiX

BuildingLogiX has provided municipal energy solutions for over 10 years. Our strategic energy management platform reduces energy consumption and saves taxpayer money. If you believe your municipality would benefit from our services, connect with us to learn more about our CBS resources and software platform.

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