Data Visualization

We provide data visualization tools and services to help you understand the data and analytics your building’s energy systems produce.

What Does Data Visualization Mean for Your Facility?

You know your commercial building’s energy systems generate a lot of data, and your building automation system can print reports full of that data. But how do you translate that data into intelligence that your workforce can understand and use? BuildingLogiX’s data visualization tools and services give you the types of visualizations you need to understand where and how to make changes that improve the performance of your building’s operations.

Data visualization is the process of using visual representations to communicate data to the right people at the right time. We use custom data dashboards to prioritize different types of data for your building’s different management and operations teams. We also design our data visualization tools so you can control which teams can see which types of data.

Overall, data visualization helps you analyze your systems’ operating and energy data and improve the way you understand your building operations. Custom views for specific users or user groups allow teams or operators to focus on what’s most important to them. Need to see energy data across hundreds of meters? Want to compare chiller plant efficiencies and drill into the details? BDX has the depth and flexibility for your team.

Implement Data Visualization Services and Tools in Your Facility

Connect with us today to boost your building performance and business intelligence with data visualization tools and services that help you see how you building uses energy.

What Does a Custom Data Dashboard Involve?

When we implement our data visualization services and tools in your facility, we provide your employees with a custom data dashboard. You and your employees can customize the data each person sees so they only view data relevant to their jobs. The customization capabilities help your employees perform data analysis on the building operations and tasks related to their jobs so they can make improvements where possible.

The customizable dashboards also help you view data in formats that fit the operations and processes the data describes. You can use this feature to monitor multiple parts of an energy system at once. If your HVAC system has twenty air handlers, you can use the dashboard to compare all those air handlers at once and see how each one performs relative to the others. Overall, the custom data dashboard makes it easier for you and your employees to analyze your energy systems’ data and improve building performance.

Improve Your Building Operations With Data Visualization

If you want to improve your building health and performance with data visualization, reach out to BuildingLogiX today. We can implement our data visualization tools in your building or each of your campus’s buildings. Then our engineers and developers can help you interpret the real-time data sets those tools collect. We help you perform data analysis that improves the way your building or campus operates.