Open Building Automation

Integrate your campus’s building automation systems to go beyond BACnet with our Open BAS Strategies

A long-held industry perception is that a building renovation or addition requires the expansion of the incumbent BAS system which often produces higher cost and lower value. BuildingLogiX shatters this perception with our vendor-agnostic open BAS Services.

We have the expertise and experience to seamlessly integrate to your existing BAS system to meet your operational needs and budget requirements. Don’t feel locked in to the incumbent vendor – BuildingLogiX gives you a choice.

Your commercial facility or campus utilizes building automation systems (BAS) to control and schedule the HVAC equipment in your buildings. Many clients have different BAS systems controlling different buildings or sections of their campus, and therefore are challenged to learn and operate multiple BAS technologies. As if this weren’t difficult enough, the various BAS systems on a campus are often not connected, forcing users to maintain and operate a separate workstation for each BAS system. BuildingLogiX changes this by providing vendor-agnostic open BAS services.

How Our Open BAS Services Work

To us, Open BAS means you have a choice. A choice on which contractor provides the best level of service, a choice on which vendor’s hardware goes into the next building expansion, and a choice on who and how programming modifications are performed.

We enable you to have these choices by utilizing the Niagara Framework, and more specifically the open Niagara Framework. With open Niagara, the same programming tool is used at each level of the control system and the programming tool is available for purchase by you or any of your selected contractors. Open Niagara systems are the best method to create high performance BAS with choice and flexibility for service, expansion, and programming changes for the life of your building.

Additionally, open Niagara can often be retrofitted onto existing buildings with existing BAS systems. Our open BAS services solve the one-vendor problem by freeing you from that type of restrictive vendor relationship. In the best-case scenario, deploying open Niagara onto an existing BAS system provides a system performance upgrade, a choice in who provides your service and programming, and flexibility for expansion. Even in the worst case with the most restrictive and closed BAS systems, the deployment of open Niagara clears the pathway to grow forward with choice.

Is Open BAS Only Compatible With Larger Construction Projects?

While the concept and principles of Open BAS work very well in a renovation or construction environment, the reality is the same strategy is clean and easy even in a small scale such as an AHU control retrofit or pneumatic upgrade.

Starting small is often the best means to introduce this new technology which creates more choices for your operational and budget needs as your facilities change and grow.

How We Design Your Open BAS Together

Our process begins by assessing all of the different BAS systems on your campus. We then work with your team to identify any building systems not presently under control, but that need to be incorporated. Then we overlay open Niagara at the enterprise level to enable communication between the existing systems and pieces of equipment to give you a vendor-agnostic open BAS setup with output devices, digital controllers, and network controllers that meet your facility’s energy needs for today and tomorrow.

Discover How Our BDX Platform Works With Open BAS

Find out how our BDX platform works with open BAS technology to increase your energy system’s data visibility.

Implement Your Open BAS With BuildingLogiX

Connect with us today to implement our open BAS services in your facility or campus. Open BAS is just one of our connected building services. These services help you improve your buildings’ performance throughout their lifespans to ensure they always serve your business needs and goals. Trust us to create a non-proprietary open BAS setup that improves your building operations.

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