Our Building Automation Services

Verify the right systems are included in your Master System Integration with our building automation solutions.

Streamline Your Master System Integration With Our Building Automation Services

Your Master System Integrator owns your building automation and network’s enterprise level. However, not all elements of your facility need to be included in the network. Making sure the right components are identified and properly connected is key to maximizing the advantages and making sure you’re not overspending.

The BuildingLogiX team leverages our decades of building services integration experience to pinpoint the control systems that must be included and develop a strategy that seamlessly integrates them.

How Do Our Building Service Integration Solutions Improve Energy Efficiency?

Our building automation services are the first step towards allowing for unified management of HVAC, lighting, and other energy-intensive systems. By enabling these systems to work together intelligently, this ensures that energy is used only when and where it is needed.

Building Automation Solutions for Your Industry

The BulidingLogiX team has experience delivering industry-leading building automation services for the following industries:

How We Build a Building Services Integration Plan

The BuildingLogiX team starts by conducting a thorough system audit and inventory, cataloging all existing systems, components, and technologies while noting their capabilities, limitations, interfaces, and integration points. We use the information gathered to develop a comprehensive MSI design that clearly outlines how different systems will interact, focusing on data flows, user interfaces, and control mechanisms. Ensure the system architecture is planned with scalability, security, and compatibility at the forefront, opting for open standards and flexible platforms wherever possible. From there, we create an integration strategy that adopts a phased approach for incremental implementation; this allows us to avoid disruptions to ongoing operations.

Optimize Your Master System Integration With Our Building Automation Services

An effective Master System Integration project begins by properly identifying the necessary components. Contact BuildingLogiX today to start building your strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Building Automation Services

BuildingLogiX uses Niagara’s building automation platform for our master system integration projects.

The length of this phase depends on the project scope and equipment being integrated.

Yes. The BuildingLogiX team can integrate equipment from multiple carriers.