Building Commissioning Software Services for Engineers

Our building commissioning software services allow engineering firms to generate recurring revenue after finishing a project.

Building Commissioning Software Solutions for M&V and Commissioning Agents

The average engineering process is a bidding war considering total hours, strategy, and design. Firms constantly seek ways to produce additional revenue streams and separate themselves in a competitive marketplace.

The Connected Building Services offered by BuildingLogiX allow mechanical engineers to provide continuous commissioning services as a secondary solution to their clients, creating additional revenue streams for businesses. We work closely with M&V and commissioning agents to assist them as a subcontractor and train them to optimize all elements of CBS, including:

Create Sustainable Revenue With Our Continuous Commissioning Services

  • Master Systems Integration

    Our Master Systems Integration services connect various systems and bring them onto a single platform. Executing successful master system integration projects requires the right expertise, and our team of highly skilled experts has the knowledge to deliver custom solutions. Our systems allow you to extend the life of your BAS and provide a pathway to high-performance buildings.

  • Enterprise System Integration

    Our enterprise system integration platforms create a portal where collected data is brought together to provide visibility, control, analysis, and security options. This single portal gives engineers access to all building systems, allowing for complete analysis and interpretation of data. You remain in total control of your technology by proactively managing a facility’s operations.

  • Open Building Automation

    As a vendor-agnostic company, BuildingLogiX allows engineers to break away from their OEM. Our open-building automation services enable you to meet your client’s operational needs and budget requirements without getting locked into costly manufacturer contracts.

  • Hardware Distribution

    BuildingLogiX is proud to serve as a simple one-stop shop for our partners. We curated our hardware distribution line to support open architecture from top to bottom. Our philosophy is to give the owner complete control of the services and components of their BAS.

Increase Your Revenue Streams With Our Building Commissioning Software Solutions

Our building commissioning software solutions allow you to build more revenue streams by offering additional capabilities to your clients. Contact us today to optimize what you provide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Building Commissioning Software

Yes. We understand each business has unique needs and work closely with each client to determine the right rules for their system.

Our building commissioning software is ideal for healthcare facilities, local municipalities, industrial companies, K-12 schools, and colleges.