Fault Detection and Diagnostics Software (FDD)

Locate and resolve the problems in your building systems with our fault detection and diagnostics software solutions and professional services.

How Do Fault Detection and Diagnostics Solutions Work?

Your commercial building has many different systems that help it run efficiently and safely: HVAC, lighting, security, and many more. These systems can experience problems that decrease the performance of the equipment, but enable the proper conditions to be met, such as rooms remain at setpoint but with both cooling and heating in full operation, a wasteful and inefficient condition.

BuildingLogiX’s Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) are designed to reveal opportunities to improve the operation of equipment that might otherwise go unnoticed. FDD continuously uncovers new and recurring problems, allowing you to resolve them quickly before they disrupt your building’s performance or increase operating costs. FDD is a tool that helps you take a more proactive approach to facility maintenance. FDD is inherently different from building automation alarms, by our standards. Don’t let either one bother you. Let us help configure your systems to give the most relevant and important information to you at the right time.

FDD solutions work by detecting, isolating, identifying, and evaluating your systems’ problems when they occur. They detect and diagnose these problems using at least one of three main types of FDD models: quantitative, qualitative, and process history-based. BuildingLogiX engineers have developed an extensive rule set using ASHRAE standards, NIST rules, and industry experience. We can implement our BDX software platform to deliver an FDD solution that fits your building system’s needs.

Improve Your Building’s Performance With BuildingLogiX

Our fault detection and diagnostics software provides the insight you need to identify and repair minor problems before they develop into major issues. Contact us today to improve your building’s performance.

What Are Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD) Solutions?

The term automated fault detection and diagnostics (AFDD) refers to the technology used in FDD models and methods. AFDD technology and processes identify building systems’ problems with as little human effort as possible. For instance, AFDD technologies tend to use process-based FDD models because they can use pattern-recognition rules to go through historical data to locate a problem. BuildingLogiX implements AFDD technologies for your building’s systems, and we help you understand how to work with them to resolve system problems quickly and effectively.

Which Systems Benefit Most From FDD?

Your buildings’ heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems often benefit greatly from FDD methods. These methods and technologies work well with HVAC systems because they have so many moving parts and different components that operate out of sight and sound of the building occupants. Oftentimes, HVAC systems are not operating at peak efficiency, yet are still able to deliver comfortable space temperatures by consuming more energy and forcing the equipment to work harder. FDD technologies pinpoint HVAC problems and resolve them swiftly to ensure energy efficient operations, maximize asset value and equipment lifetime, and prevent any potential downtime. FDD can scale and help cut through the mountains of devices and data to provide the most valuable information that would otherwise go unseen.

Improve Your Fault Detection and Diagnostics With BuildingLogiX

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