Continuous Commissioning Services for M&V and Commissioning Agents

Learn how our building commissioning services generate continuous revenue for M&V and commissioning agents after completing a project.

What if there was a way for engineering firms to generate reocurring revenue after finishing a project? The Connected Building Services (CBSs) provided by BuildingLogiX allows your engineering firm, M&V division, or commissioning agents to provide a service making continuous improvements to buildings after construction, increasing revenue for your firm, ensuring happy clients and the prospects for repeat business.

Building Commissioning Services for M&V and Commissioning Agents

BuildingLogiX is a technology-enabled service provider that delivers building solutions through People, Processes, and Technology. The BuildingLogiX portfolio of services, software platforms, and technology products can be deployed to support your M&V and Continuous Commissioning services along the entire maturity path. If you are starting out in offering this service to your clients, BuildingLogiX can stand behind you and execute the whole service as a sub-contractor while your revenue stream grows to support hiring new staff. If you have an existing service and desire to expand the width and depth of your offering, our BDX Technology platform provides robust analytics, FDD, and data visualization tools with outstanding training & support for your team.

The average engineering process is a bidding war that considers total man-hours, strategy, and design. Firms are constantly looking for ways to produce additional revenue streams and separate themselves in a competitive marketplace. The CBSs provided by BuildingLogiX allow mechanical engineers to offer continuous commissioning services as a secondary solution, creating additional revenue streams for their business.

How a CBS Provides Continuous Commissioning

A CBS uses the data from your building automation systems (BASs) to generate action items. Some of the features of our solutions include:


After implementation, we set up the software rules, but users can adjust the rules to best suit their needs.

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Robust Capabilities

Our solutions work with the majority of building automation systems, and we have experience working with a variety of industries, including:


BuildingLogiX understands that the labor market for commissioning services is behind the times. That’s why we offer a comprehensive training program that helps commissioning agents become the provider. The ability to fully operate our strategic energy management system increases the likelihood of winning the next project with a company.

Ready To Start Expanding Your Revenue Streams?

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Continuous Commissioning Services Provided by BuildingLogiX

BuildingLogiX provides the following commissioning services that optimize building performance and create sustainable revenue streams:

Master Systems Integration

Our master systems integrating services connect various systems and bring them onto a single platform. Executing successful master system integration projects requires the right expertise, and our team of highly skilled experts has the knowledge to deliver custom solutions. Our systems allow you to extend the life of your BAS and provide a pathway to high-performance buildings.

Enterprise System Integration

Our enterprise system integration platforms create a portal where collected data is brought together to provide visibility, control, analysis, and security options. This single portal gives engineers access to all building systems, allowing for complete analysis and interpretation of data. By proactively managing a facility’s operations, you remain in total control of your technology.

Open Building Automation

As a vendor-agnostic company, BuildingLogiX allows engineers to break away from their OEM. Our open building automation services enable you to meet your client’s operational needs and budget requirements without getting locked into costly manufacturer contracts.

Hardware Distribution

BuildingLogiX is proud to serve as a simple one-stop shop for our partners. We curated our hardware distribution line to support open architecture from top to bottom. Our philosophy is to give the owner complete control of the services and components of their BAS.

Our Strategic Energy Management Benefits for M&V and Commissioning Agents

Our energy efficiency evaluation measurement and verification tools provide the following benefits:

Longer Asset Life

Our CBS solution provides real-time analytics that allow your team to maximize systems’ performance. BDX enables you to closely monitor the data provided by your BAS and track system performance over time, so you can catch small problems before the system breaks down.

Increased Revenue

M&V and commissioning agents use CBSs as a secondary revenue service for their projects. By offering additional services, you build long-lasting financial relationships with clients.

Healthy Building Performance

The reports provided by a CBS allow you to validate the health and safety of buildings. Healthy buildings with good indoor air quality reduce energy costs and improve employee productivity.

Let Our Commissioning Services Help You Build Long-Term Relationships With Building Owners

BuildingLogiX is a technology-driven service provider that’s helped clients produce energy savings and improve facilities for over 15 years. Our platforms are scalable from one to 1,000 buildings, and our solutions deliver energy savings of up to 30%. Contact BuildingLogiX today if you’re looking to partner with a provider that gives M&V and commissioning agents the upper hand.

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