Enterprise System Integration

Manage your campus building systems from a single central interface saving time, hassle, and resources.

Buildings, plants, and facilities have a multitude of building systems the support the operations, environments, and processes of those facilities. Having a single user interface to view, analyze, and control data and devices, you could run a more efficient, smarter, and more productive building or campus. Our Enterprise System Integration team works together with you to create this central interface enabling simplicity, visibility, and connectivity.

What Does an Enterprise System Integration (ESI) Do?

We utilize our expertise with open Niagara platforms to create an enterprise level from which to collect the data from building systems across your campus and bring them together into a single platform for visibility, control, schedule, analysis, and security. Then we use our ESI services to make that data available to you and your organization’s key stakeholders. Once we put your ESI system in place, you can view your campus’s building performance and energy consumption in real time from a range of access points including your mobile phone.

Today’s buildings include complex and intricate systems to operate, secure, and preserve the building’s operations. There are building systems tied to each utility service’s use, entry and egress, building temperature and humidity, controlling movement into restricted areas, elevators and escalators, lighting levels, exterior and parking lot lights, creation and distribution of hot water, and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, this long list of building systems is rarely networked together. This lack of connectivity between buildings systems makes coordination of operations slow and inefficient.

Enterprise integration gives you the chance to improve your operations and energy management throughout your campus. Often, organizations implement BAS and other smart building controls on their campuses without connecting each building’s systems to those in the other buildings. BuildingLogiX implements ESI on our clients’ campuses so each one of their buildings is connected to the rest of the campus. ESI gives your organization the centralized platform to monitor and control your building and systems in every part of your campus, no matter how large or small it is.

Enterprise system integration creates a single point from which to access all building systems, which saves time and simplifies campus operations. Once you have all your systems’ data in a centralized location, you can analyze and interpret the data to determine where you can improve your facility operations. In addition to creating connectivity between building systems, an enterprise connection allows for complimentary use of technology, for example, video cameras can be used for sensing occupancy and adjusting room temperatures in addition to providing oversight and security. Enterprise system integration puts you in control and enables you to proactively manage the operations of your facilities, this is a great change from reacting to occupant complaints or responding to daily alarms across the campus.

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If you want to connect building systems across your commercial campus, connect with BuildingLogiX today. We can combine our ESI services with our other connected building services to help you save money and reduce your energy consumption in the long run. We’re here to develop the right ESI setup for your energy needs.