BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX)

BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX) is the software platform we utilize to produce analytics for your buildings and systems. BDX is the gateway to information you can use to improve efficiency and operational performance.

What Does the BDX Building Analytics Software Do?

Traditional BAS systems produce a tremendous amount of data that is not collected nor organized. We utilize our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX) to capture and analyze the data produced in operating buildings thereby unlocking tremendous savings and performance improvements for daily operation.

BDX easily connects to building automation and energy management systems and collects the data they generate and stores it in a database. BDX organizes, analyzes, and translates raw data to produce information and visualizations that are made available on a web portal that your workforce can use to improve your energy efficiency and building systems’ operations. Most importantly, BDX collects and organizes data across multiple building and system integration projects.

So, if you want to standardize energy systems’ data from multiple buildings, BDX provides scorecards that allow you to do that. When you standardize that data, you can understand how different systems operate across each building. For instance, you can look at the data for the HVAC systems in every building and review their air handlers’ performance. Then you can tell which air handlers are underperforming. Our engineers and analysts guide you through the data analysis process and help you determine how to improve each system in every building. Ultimately, our BDX software gives you a centralized view of your buildings’ operations so you can better understand how their systems work.

  • Connected Building Services

    Connected Building Services Harness Technology, Expertise and Engineered Processes to Deliver Insights and Analysis on Building Performance for a Scalable Platform of Buildings

  • BuildingLogix Data eXchange (BDX)

    BDX is an analytics platform that provides valuable insight and actionable information from Building Automation System data.

  • Healthy High Performance Building Operations

    Deploying BuildingLogiX Connected Building Services enables your facility to consistently perform as a Healthy High Performance Building with all of the savings, optimization, and data visualization to support the operations.

What Our BDX Platform Provides

Our BDX platform provides the following services to improve your building’s or campus’s energy efficiency and overall performance.

  • Data Visualization

    Data visualization helps you view, interpret, analyze and share the relevant intelligence about building operations. The BDX platform support dashboards, reporting, charting, graphing, score cards, and custom image display to help you share the right information, to the right person, at the right time.

  • Strategic Energy Management

    When you implement BDX in your buildings, we help you use that software to manage your energy consumption strategically. BDX and connected building services help provide and prioritize strategic energy management to give you the best return on your investment for your facility or campus.

  • Fault Detection & Diagnostics Software (FDD)

    FDD is the process of detecting and diagnosing when your building systems’ operations deviate from your key metrics on energy intensity, comfort, ventilation, and more. We help you implement FDD processes to help you change your approach to building system problems from reactive to proactive.

  • Optimization of Buildings & Chiller Plants

    This tool examines your chiller plant to ensure all its component operate correctly. It gives you visibility in this area of your building so you understand how it affects your building processes.

Connect Your Buildings With BDX

If you want to know how the building systems in each campus building are performing and how they can improve, reach out to us today. We will implement BDX in your buildings and help you analyze their systems.

Why Implement BDX for Your Building Management System?

BDX organizes data and allows you to access anything to fit your needs beyond what we provide out of the box. Have you ever needed to download or report on building data? BDX can help achieve this in a quick and organized manner. Need VAV space temperatures or air changes for the last six months? How about downloading chiller efficiency for a dozen chillers at 5-minute intervals for the last year? Get all this and more in minutes—organized, timestamps matching—and save it for future use.

Implement BDX in Your Facility or Campus

Whether you’re managing one building or 20, BDX is capable of helping you manage all their energy systems efficiently and effectively.