Optimization of Chiller Plants

This tool provides chiller plant control systems analysis to keep your plant running smoothly.

Optimize Your Chiller Plant’s Operations With Our Connected Building Services

Your chiller plant helps make your facility a comfortable and healthy place for its occupants. But do you know how well it really operates? Our BDX Platform technology includes a chiller performance analysis tool that makes your chiller plant’s performance more transparent and understandable.

When a building performs consistently at optimum levels the operating costs are minimized and the health and performance of the building are maximized. Any building, regardless of age, can be optimized relative to its age, installed systems, previous maintenance history, and type of use.

Optimizing the operations of a building is a quest that requires consistency, expertise, and the implementation of processes. BuildingLogiX’s Connected Building Service offering has been crafted to enable and deliver building optimization.

Our Connected Building Services harness Expertise, Engineered Process, and our BDX Technology Platform to deliver Insights & Analysis on building performance. Because [AD1] at its core Connected Building Services is a service, it can be applied consistently over time, and delivered with your on premise facilities team to drive operating costs to the lowest level, and performance and health to the highest level.

The fundamental steps of the Connected Building Service Process are – Connect, Collect, Organize, Analyze, Act, and Report. Execution of this engineered process with the collaboration of our BuildingLogiX System Engineers, Energy Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and the unique skill sets found on your facilities team consistently deliver the client’s desired results.

Assess Your Chiller Plant System With BuildingLogiX

Connect with us today, and we will assess your chiller plant system and begin implementing our analysis tool to help you boost your plant’s performance.

Optimization for Chiller Plants: A BuildingLogiX Area of Emphasis

Many institutional, industrial, and commercial buildings have chillers and chilled water plants for comfort or process cooling loads. These plants are often the largest or one of largest consumers of electric power in the building, campus, or plant. Efficient operation of chiller plants demands proper and accurate control and support. Typical campuses and complex facilities often don’t have enough technical resources to run, operate, maintain and optimize these critical infrastructure components.

The BDX platform is designed with a Chiller Plant Portal created to enable your facility department to quickly identify a problem or good performance and do so with operational context over time. The analysis tool is graphically driven which makes understanding of the tool and plant operation straightforward and manageable even for less technical team members. Large volumes of complex chilled water system data can be timely to review, BDX makes this easy.

Short cycling, poor water flow, tube fouling, improper tower/chiller coordination, are just a few of the many potential problems to guard against, and yet it’s not unusual for those degrading conditions to be present and the chiller still produce water at setpoint. The BDX chiller plant portal uses data visualization to enable facility team members quick insight to poor or underperforming conditions that are present and wasting operating costs. In addition, once an improper operating condition has been identified the tool supports easy drill down into more technical analysis of the potential system problem.

Benefits of the BDX Chiller Portal

  • Makes evaluating chiller problems faster and easier by including nearly all maintenance team personnel
  • Creates labor resource savings for campus facilities team
  • Clients can increase the frequency of chiller plant check up’s thereby operating smarter and healthier buildings
  • Accelerates diagnosis of chiller and chiller plant problems thereby reducing operating costs
  • With proper implementation avoid excessive short cycling of chillers

Key Features of the BDX Chiller Portal

  1. Because the portal is a component of our BDX platform it can work with many different brands of chillers, towers, and BAS controls.
  2. Provides graphical display of chiller plant operations over time – thereby creating context and making the diagnosis of problems faster and easier.
  3. Encompasses the entire plant operation – Chillers, Towers, Pumps – for both visualizing operational data and tracking power consumption connected to chillers, pumps, and towers as a group.
  4. Compare like chillers and like chiller plants to find poor performers and learn from best performers.