Energy Management for Higher Education Facilities

Our school facilities management software provides real-time insight into a higher education facility’s building automation systems.

Optimize Energy Efficiency With Our School Facilities Management Software

Reducing energy waste and creating a sustainable campus environment is challenging for universities because they feature multiple buildings and complex building automation systems, making it difficult for in-house maintenance teams to identify and repair malfunctions.

BuildingLogiX’s Connected Building Services (CBS) seamlessly connect with a structure’s building automation systems and optimize strategic energy management by collecting and analyzing operational data. Our solutions allow a maintenance team to pinpoint problems as they develop, enabling them to make cost-effective repairs that enhance equipment performance and maximize their lifespan.

How Does CBS Improve Energy Efficiency for Higher Education Facilities?

Our technology-enabled software delivers an in-depth analysis of a higher education facility’s building performance and offers key insight into the following applications:

The data gathered by CBS is sent to our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX), an analytics platform, where the information is transformed into actionable solutions. Our platform works easily with many of the most popular building automation systems (BAS) on the market.

How We Implement Our School Facilities Management Software

Our connect process, which we call KiX start, involves working with your facilities and IT teams to plan the preferred data extraction and storage process. Once decided, we establish a connection that links your building and the BDX data exchange.

Data from all building systems is gathered immediately after implementation and stored in a secure, client-accessible data cloud. Our software tags and organizes the information, which enables enhanced analysis and visualization.

Our matrix of analytics reads the data and automatically generates graphs, charts, and trends that track the following:

BuildingLogiX also provides regular technical reporting sessions. We generate a detailed report with data-backed analysis and recommendations at an agreed-upon frequency.

Optimize Your Campus’s Energy Efficiency With Our School Facilities Management Software

Our Connected Building Services allows your team to enhance the energy efficiency of your higher education facility by leveraging real-time data. Contact us today to start your journey to a more efficient future.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our School Facilities Management Software

The time it takes to implement CBS into your higher education facility depends on the size and scope of the project. Contact us today to start assessing your footprint.

We designed CBS to work with equipment from all major carriers, including:

  • Trane
  • Carrier
  • LG
  • Tridium

The overall ROI of CBS depends on your system’s size and the data it produces, but clients typically experience a 12-30% reduction in annual utility spending.