Energy Management for Universities

Discover how our strategic energy management solutions improve energy efficiency in colleges.

So, how do you know if your university’s HVAC facilities are energy efficient if you don’t have the correct data? The buildings on your campus may all have similar equipment, but until recently there was no way for your multiple systems to communicate with each other. The Connected Building Services (CBS) offered by BuildingLogiX improve energy efficiency by providing up-to-the-minute data on performance, allowing for continuous improvements.

Improving Energy Management for Universities

Colleges and universities use a significant amount of energy; dorms, classrooms, and administration offices all require year-round use of their HVAC systems. This high consumption leads to increased energy costs and equipment failure, making strategic energy management a growing concern.

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Problems Faced When Enhancing Energy Management for Universities

Key decision-makers (KDM) face a variety of issues when improving their school’s energy efficiency. These include:

Building Diversity

Every building on a college campus is different. Age, location, and the direction they face all affect energy usage. Our CBS solutions allow you to gather energy efficiency data to improve operational performance for the unique problems of each building.

Increased Campus Size

Colleges are always looking to expand their campus size, but increased square footage doesn’t always lead to increased maintenance staff. CBS enables managers to do more with less, a necessity when dealing with an increasing campus footprint.

Staff and Budget Reductions

Advancements in system technologies, increases in campus size, staff reductions, and pressure to reduce costs create challenging scenarios. CBS makes these situations easier to navigate with fault detection and diagnostics software (FDD), which provides information regarding:

  • The specific problem
  • The location of the problem
  • What tools are required to fix that problem

When you use our software, you gain access to reporting that allows your team to address issues quickly and efficiently.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Want to learn more about how BuildingLogiX improves energy management for universities? Read what some of our university partners have to say.

How BuildingLogiX Improves Energy Efficiency

BuildingLogiX uses CBS, a technology-enabled service, to deliver in-depth analysis on building performance. The application of CBS includes:

The data gathered by CBS is sent to our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX), an analytics platform, where the information is transformed into actionable solutions. Our platform works easily with many of the most popular building automation systems (BAS) on the market.

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Our Strategic Energy Management Benefits for Colleges

Our energy efficiency measures provide the following advantages for universities:

IT Security

Most companies offer their software as a service (SaaS), meaning the vendor has complete control of your data. BuildingLogiX allows you to retain control of the data produced from your systems, a unique benefit in the marketplace.

Increased Cost Savings

Our software creates long-term cost savings by pointing out where buildings are inefficient, enabling you to fix issues before they turn into bigger problems. Our clients have seen an average of 23% savings in their utility and operational bills in the first year alone!

Longer Asset Life

BuildingLogiX provides the strategic energy management, real-time analytics, and expert engineering support that allows your team to maximize the operating life of your systems.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

CBS provides reports that validate the health and safety of dorms, classrooms, and administrative spaces. The IAQ reports generated by BuildingLogiX can be used to show staff, students, and parents that health is important to your school.

How BuildingLogiX Implements CBS


We work with your facilities and IT teams to plan the preferred data extraction and storage process. Once decided, we establish a connection that links your building and the BDX data exchange.

BuildingLogiX is brand agnostic, meaning our technology platform pairs easily with nearly all BAS options. This allows you to break away from your original equipment manufacturer and potentially reduce costs.

Data Gathering

Data from all building systems is gathered immediately after implementation and stored in a secure, client-accessible data cloud. Our software tags and organizes the information, which enables enhanced analysis and visualization.

Data Analysis

Our matrix of analytics reads the data and automatically generates graphs, charts, and trends that track the following:

  • Chiller performance
  • Airflow
  • Valve leaks
  • Energy spending projections

BuildingLogiX also provides regular technical reporting sessions. We generate a detailed report with data-backed analysis and recommendations at an agreed-upon frequency. During these meetings we offer suggestions that allow you to make continuous improvements to your system. The technical reporting sessions are where the true benefits of CBS are experienced.

Let BuildingLogiX Provide the Connected Building Solutions for Your University

BuildingLogiX has provided energy management for universities for over 15 years. Contact us today if you believe your school would benefit from our strategic energy management solutions.

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