Helping a Government Branch With Incomplete and Inaccurate Meter Readings

See how a government branch used our services and expert team to organize and untangle millions of data points.

BuildingLogiX does more than just provide valuable insights to building performance; we work with the unique needs of each client to deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right people. This case study highlights the value provided by our Connected Building Services, including:

  • Comprehensive Project & Technical Support
  • Deep understanding of data driven analytics
  • Focus on both Great Outcomes and Strong Process

The Situation

A government branch previously deployed a complex network of utility meters that were producing millions of data points. The complexities and challenges of organizing and applying large data sets was slowing down progress to meet their Sustainability goals. The government team partnered with BuildingLogiX to improve the meter system’s reliability, application and reporting capabilities.

The Solution

BuildingLogiX provided comprehensive project and technical support for the client to untangle data challenges and layout an organized and process driven approach. Our multidisciplinary team enables us to deliver technical and engineering expertise to solve their problems. We collaborate with our clients to make sure they understand our processes and the benefits they deliver.

The Results

Our technical team worked with the client’s in-house and contracted resources. Through this progression and leveraging BuildingLogiX connected building solutions the data challenges were overcome on time and on budget, and put the government team back on track to meeting its sustainability goals.

Improve Your System’s Data Gathering Capabilities

Are you tired of having access to limited real-time information that only details the current status or temperature? Contact BuildingLogiX today and open yourself up to a world of full spectrum data and analytics that helps you increase energy efficiency and reduce expenses.

Connected Building Services (CBS) FAQ

What Is CBS?

CBS is a full featured energy management information system utilizing Fault Detection & Diagnostics and Analytics Software combined with Technical services to deliver solutions to the challenge of operating high performance buildings & campuses. Our services help facility managers and other personnel achieve operational excellence while reducing long-term costs. CBS uses the data generated by your existing BAS & building systems to optimize the operations of your building.

What Are the Benefits of CBS?

CBS impacts three main areas of operations and performance, including:


CBS generates a positive economic impact by pinpointing where buildings are inefficient. Knowing the exact location of problems reduces costs of labor and repair. This allows our clients to reduce energy waste and improve performance.

Building Health

Our services help clients improve building health in the long run by closely monitoring equipment and key components of your building along with tracking system performance. This in-depth analysis helps your facility team work proactively to repair and adjust the system.


Taking advantage of our connected building solutions helps your team and contracted services know when and where equipment problems or anomalies are occurring. These insights enable your team to efficiently deploy their valueable time and expertise to the areas with the biggest problems. CBS enhances operational efficiency and costs savings by providing valuable data to building management personnel.

Why Should Government Branches and Local Municipalities Use CBS?

Government branches and local municipalities constantly deal with the challenge of maintaining efficient building operations while reducing the taxpayer burden for utility operating costs. Combining CBS and our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX) platform to enhance and accelerate in-house staff and contracted services provides you with a multilayered strategic energy and operational game plan. Connected Building Services can be deployed on many of the most popular HVAC and BAS systems.

What Benefits Does CBS Provide Municipalities?

CBS provides various long-term benefits for municipalities, including:

Data Ownership

BuildingLogiX offers a unique benefit in the marketplace where we allow clients to host and control their own data storage. This allows them to retain ownership of the data produced from your facilities.

Reduced Energy Costs

CBS creates a long-term economic impact by continuously finding equipment, system and building problems and alerting your staff to these conditions before they become major issues. Our solutions often produce 23%in utility and operational savings in the first year.

Improved Building Health

Maintaining a healthy indoor air environment (IAQ) is a growing concern for local municipalities. The continuous commissioning elements of CBS allow you to improve your system’s efficiency and increase your building’s health.

Increased Staff Efficiency

Budget reductions and the challenges of finding qualified technical talent increase the importance of staff efficiency. The advanced analytics offered by CBS pinpoints the exact location of a problem. This allows you to assign the right person at the right time to resolve the problem.

Extended Asset Life

By spotting and fixing minor issues, you’re able to extend the asset life of valuable equipment. Preserving and protecting your facilities’ HVAC and BAS allows you to maximize its operating life. It’s one of the best ways to demonstrate to local taxpayers that you care about reducing costs.

Increase Building Efficiency With BuildingLogiX

BuildingLogiX is a technology-driven service provider that enables clients to increase savings and energy efficiency by utilizing our people, processes, and technology. Our services enhance operations for businesses across multiple industries and allow our clients to achieve their goals. CBS is scalable from one to 1,000 buildings and delivers predictable and positive results that meet any budget cycle. Contact BuildingLogiX today and see how our connected building solutions help minimize operating costs and maximize your staff’s productivity.