BuildingLogiX Assists University With Chilled Water Sensor Anomaly

Read how our solutions helped a university spot and repair a small problem before it became a large issue.

HVAC systems are designed to keep working even with minor problems; they just work harder to reach the designated temperature. This makes catching problems in a structure’s Building Automation System (BAS) similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, the Connected Building Services (CBS) offered by BuildingLogiX provide analytics that allows a facility management team to catch minor issues before they develop into major breakdowns. Learn more about how a university used CBS to create large savings by detecting a small problem in one of their chiller plants.

The Opportunity

A university building featured two chiller plants with sensors that provided differing readings. As a result, one of the chiller plants was working harder to reach the set temperature, leading to higher operation costs and increasing the chances of a major malfunction in the future. The client reached out to our team for assistance in diagnosing the problem.

The Assessment

Our team gathered data from the chiller plants to determine the problem using a process of elimination. While most BAS graphics only display real-time data, like temperature, CBS offers analytical information with large data set points collected over long periods. This allows our experts to pinpoint where minor issues occur, improving operational efficiency and preserving the asset.

The Results

Our careful data analysis determined that a sensor error was causing the temperature imbalance between the chillers. CBS allowed us to specifically identify where the problem was occurring, significantly reducing repair time for the client. By revealing the minor problem, our client was able to save money on repairs.

Ready To Start Reducing Your Energy Costs?

Our solutions produce long-term savings by pinpointing where issues exist in a building’s system. If you’re ready to adopt a proactive approach to facility management, contact BuildingLogiX today to learn more about our services.

How BuildingLogiX Increases Chiller Plant Efficiency for Universities

Why Is Chiller Plant Optimization Important?

The chiller plant is often the largest electricity consumer in a campus building. Maintaining operational efficiency plays a major role in reducing energy costs. However, most universities either lack the staff or technical knowledge to understand the data generated by chiller plants. Partnering with BuildingLogiX provides access to strategic energy management and allows you to take advantage of an expert staff to help find the right solution.

What Goes Into Our Chiller Plant Analysis?

We understand the value chiller plants play in a BAS and carefully review operations by using the following fundamental principles:

Eliminated Low Delta-T Syndrome

Low delta-T syndrome is a common chiller plant issue and occurs when the incoming and outgoing temperatures have a slight variance. It significantly impacts a system’s efficiency by decreasing performance. Utilizing CBS allows you to notice when Low delta-T develops and minimize its effects.

Maximize Control

Manufacturer, equipment size, and conditions factor into a chiller’s true efficiency. Our solutions are compatible with virtually every unit installed in the last 20 years.

Balance Runtime

Rotating multiple chillers allows universities to maximize equipment longevity. Our services include data collection that provides valuable insight on maintenance issues and sensor calibration. The two chiller plants in this case study should generate similar performance metrics, and we were able to identify a minor issue once noticing their differing data points.

How Do Universities Benefit From CBS?

Major universities face the difficult challenge of increasing campus size while reducing energy costs. Using CBS provides various benefits for colleges, including:

Increased Cost Savings

Our connected building solutions deliver long-term cost savings by pointing out a BAS’s inefficiencies. This allows facility managers to repair minor issues before they become costly issues. Our clients experience utility reductions of up to 18% and additional operational savings approaching 16%.

Capital Asset Protection

Our strategic energy management, analytics, and expert engineering support allow you to maximize your system’s operating life.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Maintaining a health IAQ provides multiple benefits for universities, including:

  • Reduced absences
  • Improved test scores
  • Increased staff satisfaction

Our solutions deliver reduced energy consumption and increased building performance, leading to healthier buildings and better learning environments.

How Does BuildingLogiX Implement CBS?


Our experts start the implementation process by working with your facilities, and IT teams to develop the preferred pathway for data gathering and storage. Once the pathway is laid out, we establish a connection from your building to our BDX Data eXchange, and the journey to increased system efficiency begins.


The organized data provided by your system is processed through our matrix of analytics and automatically generates graphs, charts, and trends that offer information regarding:

  • Chiller plant performance
  • Ventilation from the device to the building
  • Valve leaks
  • Budgeted spending vs. actual spending

Our analysis includes regular technical reporting sessions where we create detailed engineering reports that provide improvement recommendations backed by data.

The Data Journey

Data from all connected points is gathered, our system undergoes periodic checkups to verify data connectivity and integrity. This journey allows for a robust organization that opens a door for improved analysis and reporting.

Let BuildingLogiX Enhance Your System’s Performance

BuildingLogiX is a technology-driven service provider that’s been helping businesses across multiple industries increase energy efficiency and reduce costs since 2006. Our service allows clients to harness our expertise, strategies, and processes to deliver analytics, fault detection, and energy management. We have a broad pallet of analytical tools that makes identifying problems and inefficiencies easier and faster.

Our team understands that buildings are considered company assets and that maintaining healthy and energy-efficient facilities increases productivity and savings. We pride ourselves on helping clients avoid wasteful utility spending and sunk costs. Contact us today if you’re interested in generating a major return on investment in your building’s energy systems.