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Improve energy efficiency in your school or school district with BuildingLogiX’s software platform and services.

Does your school or school district have tools in place to provide strategic energy management (SEM)? If not, take advantage of BuildingLogiX’s energy management system for your school or district. 

How Does BuildingLogiX Improve Schools’ Energy Management?

Our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX) platform provides a centralized, user-friendly portal where key stakeholders in a district or school can view school buildings’ energy usage levels. For example, they can use BDX to view how a school’s heaters and air conditioners operate. Once they view that data, they can use it to make continuous improvements to the school’s HVAC system. BDX can also provide information about schools’ lighting systems. Stakeholders can use that information to switch from incandescent bulbs to LED light bulbs. Overall, BDX provides data and information that schools and districts can use to improve energy conservation in their school buildings and save money on their utility bills.

What Benefits Does BuildingLogiX Offer to Schools and Districts?

BuildingLogiX helps schools and school districts break away from using original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to improve their energy systems. Often, schools and districts end up chained to one type of OEM, and they can use only that manufacturer’s products. BuildingLogiX is a vendor-agnostic company, which means we don’t partner with one manufacturer to provide the equipment your systems need for improvements. When we make recommendations for continuous energy system improvements, we recommend vendors that fit your needs and your budget. 

BDX also improves schools’ and districts’ energy efficiency levels, so they don’t have to spend more than necessary on their electric bills and other utility bills. Then schools and districts can invest the money they’ve saved in their students’ educations. It allows you to maximize taxpayer dollars and put them toward education instead of funneling it toward extra energy costs

How Does BDX Improve Energy-Related Accountability?

Stakeholders can use BDX to provide reports to students’ parents and taxpayers (in the case of public schools) to show the school’s or school district’s energy costs. These reports can also help parents and taxpayers understand the facility’s or district’s current energy-saving initiatives and projects. Schools and districts can also use the information BDX generates to hold contractors accountable. After all, most K-12 schools don’t have many full-time technicians on staff, so they have to outsource most energy repairs and maintenance to third-party contractors. Stakeholders can check the information in the BDX portal to hold contractors accountable and ensure they complete energy repairs and maintenance properly. So, you can use BDX to improve energy-related accountability at both contractor and community levels.

Improve Your School’s Energy Efficiency With BuildingLogiX

Reach out to us today to improve your energy systems’ operations and reduce your school’s or district’s energy consumption.

Helping Schools Beyond Our BDX Portal

The BDX portal isn’t our only offering that improves schools’ energy efficiency. When you partner with BuildingLogiX, you can contact our engineers and technicians. They help you interpret your buildings’ data and determine how to improve their energy consumption. If you’re starting a SEM program for your school or district, we can help you figure out how to get it started and determine which projects to focus on and prioritize. While our BDX portal lays out your energy systems’ data in a user-friendly way, our engineers and technicians help you understand and use it effectively.

How Can You Cover the Cost of Your SEM Program?

Many states offer rebate programs to encourage schools and communities to use and implement energy-efficient technologies. BuildingLogiX has a strong track record of helping schools and school districts access those rebates to start and pay for their SEM programs and projects. We help showcase your current energy consumption and how you can improve your energy efficiency so you receive the rebates you apply for. 

Improve School Energy Consumption With BuildingLogiX

If you’re ready to examine your school’s or district’s energy usage and improve its energy consumption, reach out to us today. We’re ready to help you make continuous improvements to your energy systems and provide reports to parents and taxpayers to improve accountability, among other services and capabilities. We use our technologies to make your school or district a more energy-efficient learning environment.


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