Increased Security

Our team strives to improve the efficiency and security of your business’ operations. You can trust our experienced team to deliver quality security cameras with the technology to store, control, and analyze your data.

Utilizing this technology helps secure your staff, building, and products. Our industry-leading Milestone and Axis systems have a reputation for durability and control. The fixtures we provide are durable enough to be utilized outdoors and are easy to install. They provide HDTV-quality images that deliver an accurate picture of your environment. Night vision and thermal images are available to ensure your business is protected at all times. By combining these modern units with our software, users are able to access real-time images and safely store recordings. This will lead to increased security as well as a more productive staff.

Simple Integration

Businesses that utilize this software will be able to efficiently monitor the safety practices and productivity of their staff. By integrating these security systems into the management of your other critical systems, your business will enjoy many extra capabilities. Video management systems, or VMS, allow for more control of your facility. This technology allows your security cameras to detect motion, trigger alerts and alarms, and more.

We believe in the power of our solutions and know that these systems will improve the efficiency of your building as well as your staff. We know that no two businesses are the same, and we will work alongside your staff to find the security solution that best fits your needs and budget. These scalable solutions can be integrated with our smart building technology to provide greater control and a simpler user experience. With this technology, you are able to more easily control systems and access data from any connected device.

Dedicated to Creating Solutions

Our experienced team has utilized this technology to benefit many local businesses. We are proud to have offered solutions that increased the safety and security of our partners as well as the productivity of their staff. We are dedicated to success and will walk you through every step of the process. If you want to learn more about our product offerings or are ready to incorporate more systems into your current building management software, one of our team members would be happy to help! Give BuildingLogix a call today to get started!