Sensors allow companies to automate their recording process and ensure accurate measurements. Using this type of technology allows businesses to reduce the threat of human error and receive more frequent, accurate reports. At BuildingLogiX, we are proud to distribute and provide support for Senva sensors which have a reputation of reliability and success.

Why Senva Sensors?

Senva offers sensors that can measure the following levels: temperature, humidity, CO2, toxic gas, CO, and pressure. Measuring all of these components gives business owners the ability to see an accurate report of their operations as well as find the root cause of any environmental problem. Not only do these factors contribute to the comfort of your employees, but they also assist in your compliance with industry standards and add to the lifespan of your critical systems. Because this data is constantly generated, it will create a historical pattern which allows for a more predictable budget and informed predictions.

Save Energy and Improve Performance

Senva sensors are a great measurement tool and can be pre-set to make small adjustments to your system as needed or alert users of any harmful readings. In order to give our customers the option to virtualize the control of their entire operation, we also offer building automation software. This software gives users a more analytical and user-friendly report of measurements while allowing for adjustments or pre-set options to be incorporated. Optimizing this process drives down wasteful energy consumption and improves mechanical system performance.

Adaptable Solutions to Help You Go Green

Our staff at BuildingLogiX has many years of experience in helping companies become more green and run more efficient operations. We will work alongside your team to find the best solutions for your industry standards, your desired environment, and your budget. We have comprehensive and adaptable solutions which ensure we offer only the best options with the most advanced technology.

We are proud to provide solutions that can help companies automate their operations and analyze accurate data. BuildingLogiX provides affordable sensors that fit almost every BAS to deliver reliable and accurate data. Give us a call and learn more about Senva sensors today!