Connected Buildings and Predictive Maintenance

There is new technology being introduced every day that connects items to the internet of things (IoT). Here at BuildingLogiX, we help our customers connect their commercial HVAC units, lighting infrastructure, security system, and more into a single control point. From this point, users can adjust their systems, collect performance data, and organize that data into various reports. With this additional insight into the infrastructure, users will be able to see changes and issues within systems or specific units, which can be used for predictive maintenance.

When buildings have multiple systems in use each day, it can be difficult to determine a proper maintenance schedule and optimize the performance of each unit. This is because there are so many factors that affect this performance, such as temperature, amount of use, and environment. Traditionally, maintenance workers have practiced either calendar-based maintenance, where there is a fixed schedule, or reactive maintenance, where machines are repaired or replaced only after system failures. Connected building technology creates more informed decisions that transform the way maintenance is performed.

Our clients find that having long-term performance data gives them actionable insight, which is more beneficial to generic recommendations from the manufacturer.  Predictive maintenance is when small changes in performance are identified and addressed, rather than an obvious issue. Addressing these issues can mean a repair or replacement of the unit or its parts or simply a more frequent monitoring of the unit’s specific data. When this is done promptly, you can rest assured that you are always getting the highest performance and lowest cost possible. Also, it will reduce the chances of the issues exacerbating into more extensive and expensive issues.

Our team members understand the large investment that you have made in your building’s environment and the potential damage that inefficient and inoperable machines can have on your operations & bottom line performance. That is why we offer products that improve your building’s efficiency and extend the lifespan of its components. This software will enhance the abilities and effectiveness of your maintenance and operations team members and therefore the effectiveness of your mechanical systems.  To learn more about the benefits of connected technology or the potential of your building, contact us today!