An intelligent building is a building that has connected hardware, software, in addition to its general services that communicate with each other and have a central control point. Systems most frequently connected include HVAC, security, lighting, etc.  From this central point, users can view scalable building analytics and execute any necessary actions to improve efficiency, functionality, and to fix issues. These actions can be carried out quickly through an entire environment, reducing downtime. Our professional services group can help contractors or owners inexpensively retrieve organized data out of the buildings faster and more efficiently.

Efficiency Leads to Cost Savings

Organized data is the most useful form of information. Information, when accurate and acted upon, leads to reduced overall operating and energy costs and improved comfort. This technology not only allows users to toggle between a single system’s performance and a whole campus’ infrastructure, but it also takes into account historic data and weather trends. All of this information is used to create an environment where systems work together and energy can then be distributed more efficiently.

Experts in System Solutions

Here at BuildingLogix, we help building operators and contractors by creating pathways to information. We create organized data from a complex and previously unorganized environment. Our team has the knowledge to install and repair these machines and programs. In addition, we can educate users on how to properly analyze the data and respond to system challenges. With our solutions, there will be less time spent trying to find the root cause of the problem and more time spent enjoying a top quality service. Once this technology is utilized, companies have seen reduced carbon emissions, energy bills, and downtime.

Although this technology can require a large initial investment, there will be significant savings on both operating costs and system depreciation. Our team would love to show you how BuildingLogix can improve your building systems and provide more visibility into your facility’s systems. Give us a call today to learn more!