What is a Connected Building?

Connected buildings combine the measurement and control of a company’s critical building systems, including HVAC, lighting, access control, video, and others into one central point. Having a single source of visibility for these systems provides a simpler user experience and faster response time.

The other critical element of connected buildings is organized data. Most buildings that have all the systems listed above don’t have automation from a single vendor. This means data is hard to connect and as a result hard to provide useful information that can be analyzed.

We use the Niagara Framework as a gateway to pull data from your existing building systems and apply templates to normalize data in our analytics platform. The analytics tools are based on ASHRE and NIST rules that help us and you identify where action can be taken. Once changes or action is taken we can use the same analytic tools to verify the outcomes expected.

A connected building is an efficient building that has organized data that can be analyzed and action can be taken to help lower energy and operational costs.

How Can We Help?

Switching to a connected building will help your business drive down energy costs while increasing productivity and the quality of the overall environment.

Making the switch to an intelligent building might seem expensive, but they can yield a large ROI. Not only will you see reduced energy expenditures, but you will experience a more efficient environment and less downtime. Our team will work with you to create the most cost effective solution.

At BuildingLogiX, we know these decisions can be complicated, and that’s why we provide the analytical tools as well as the subject matter expertise to work with and educate our clients on driving positive outcomes, regardless of their current building situation. Call us today and learn how a building management system and managed analytics can save your company energy and improve your operations.