Beyond Hot or Cold

There is more to consider about your environment’s comfort than whether you feel hot or cold. As more technology becomes available, businesses are utilizing these applications to improve their employee processes as well as their building operations.

The rules-based system analytics from BuildingLogiX looks at comfort, efficiency, ventilation, and performance of equipment and systems inside of buildings. This intelligent building software also takes past system analytics and weather information into account. Measuring all of these aspects ensures you have an accurate report of how your system is performing and where any issues may be occurring.

Intelligent Building Software

Once you can identify the issues that are affecting your environment, our intelligent building software makes it easy for users to correct and adjust as necessary. Being able to fix multiple issues at once reduces downtime and gives your employees the ability to focus on more important tasks. As with any major repair, your staff will benefit from quickly locating the origin of the problem and addressing it. If you prefer to take a less hands-on approach, you can employ a virtual technician. Virtual technicians have the power to find the root cause of issues and make adjustments as necessary. If a physical repair is needed, this software will alert you of the problem and walk you through the process to remedy it.

We use the power of Niagara to connect and enhance your systems. We know that not all businesses are alike which is why we use Niagara’s template structures to help us normalize data regardless of the BAS system in place. This software provides scalable and user-friendly equipment analytics. Paired with our data organization and rules, it yields meaningful outputs and lower operating and energy costs.

Our Expertise

We are proud to be able to work with a variety of clients including health care, institutional, commercial, and industrial. Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you find a solution that will both enhance your environment and provide a high return on investment. Our services ensure you will spend less time worrying about your employees’ comfort and your building’s operations and more time focusing on your business’ growth. Call or click today to find out more about the benefits of HVAC equipment diagnostics!