The open framework allows us to specify which systems will be seamlessly integrated into an online system and how each individual unit or system will be controlled. The BuildingLogiX partnership with this reputable company gives us the experience and ability to help your building become more profitable and enjoyable.

Long-Standing Partners

BuildingLogiX has been involved with Tridium and the Niagara Framework for over 15 years. We are unique in their network or partners around the world in that we play the role of a distributor, trainer, support mechanism, systems integrator, 3rd party developer, and service contractor. Our diverse experience with this system ensures our understanding of the capabilities and practices of this software. Also, because of these open systems, we are given the power to see what capabilities other companies and partners are benefitting from and subsequently implement these practices into our own partners’ infrastructures.

Vykon Offers Diverse Solutions

Niagara’s Vykon hardware has allowed us to grow our business and continue to earn the business of our current clients because of their open licensing structure. Vykon capitalizes on the open framework of this software in order to pioneer multiple solutions for a variety of customers. Unlike other software, there are no limitations or restrictions on which vendor and product type can be connected. This means your company will be able to leverage its current systems for growth, rather than forcing users to integrate specific brands or systems.

Benefits of Online Accessibility

Companies who harness the power of the internet can enjoy not only the benefits to their employee operations, but they also create a physical environment that is more easily measured and controlled. We provide our partners the ability to access this software either from a physical server located in their building or through our secure cloud system. Being able to access these systems online allows for more accessible control and provides security for your proprietary information.

Niagara: Decreases Downtime, Increases Lifespan

Our many years of experience at BuildingLogiX gives our partners assurance that we can provide a seamless integration that doesn’t require a lot of downtime. Downtime will also be reduced by utilizing Niagara’s software because it is easier to find the root of problems and make adjustments. Not only does this help reduce the time your employees spend adjusting to issues with their systems, but it increases the lifespan of their machines. Although implementing a new system and might require a large initial investment, there will be a significant return on your investment with additional continued savings.

Open architecture and system integration is the key to making buildings connected and more efficient. Our team has the experience and knowledge to create a connected environment that runs efficiently, reduces costs, and creates a more comfortable environment. Niagara is the preferred BAS used by BuildingLogiX. Contact us today to learn more about how your business can benefit from this flexible, powerful, and encompassing software.