What We Do

We supply the necessary tools independent service contractors need to surpass their local competition. Our wide range of technical and sales support allows our customers to provide affordable and efficient services to the businesses in their market.

At BuildingLogiX, our main priority is to change how our services are delivered. Technology is what drives not only our company and team but also most companies today. The “Internet of Things” is not just another buzz phrase but the future of our industry and business. We plan to continue to help our partners utilize technology to grow their businesses.

Our Unique Story

BuildingLogiX was founded in 2006 after looking for a way to continue the family business. We had been introduced to the Niagara framework by a large engineering firm in 2002. Niagara offered us a way to grow our services and helped us learn how to contract new businesses through an open platform. At the same time, we realized Niagara could help normalize the data produced by different building systems. If we could produce tools to use that normalized data, we felt we could grow our business ever further. BuildingLogiX is now able to help many companies grow their business like ours. We provide the tools to gather, understand, and utilize the data collected through Niagara.

Our Services

Our team of 100+professionals go through a building automation training as well as building management system training in order to successfully provide the following services to our clients:

  • Exceptional operational dashboards and system diagnostics
  • Predictive modeling for maximum equipment and building performance
  • Web-based software and hardware solutions for reducing energy and operations cost
  • Customizable energy data solutions
  • Historic trend analysis
  • Proactive energy consumption management

BuildingLogiX stands out from our competitors and other building automation companies because we have learned through our 10+ years of experience that technology can change the perception of who a company is in the minds of their clients. We look forward to getting to know your company and helping you grow your business!