Energy Management for Universities and Colleges

Improve energy efficiency on your university or college campus with our strategic energy management (SEM) platform and services.

University and college campuses are large places that can span acres across a given area. Each building has its specific energy requirements, and its energy systems need to meet those requirements. BuildingLogiX’s Connected Building Solutions provide the data and information that higher education facility managers need to take care of their buildings.

How Do Universities and Colleges Manage Their Buildings’ Energy Systems?

Facility managers oversee the performance of buildings on campus. When one building’s systems develop problems, the facility manager usually calls a member of the campus’s maintenance team to resolve the issue. When a facility manager calls a maintenance staff member, they have to fill out a work order saying which building system has a problem and what the problem is. Then the staff member has to travel to campus if they aren’t already there, find a parking spot, and then arrive at the building to locate the problem’s source.

Once the staff member locates the problem’s source, they have to fix it. Different staff members may have different maintenance skill levels, which can affect how they fix these building system problems. All that is to say, when a facility manager notices a problem with a building’s systems, they have to rely on their maintenance staff’s skill and experience with no outside help to expedite the repair process.

Exterior view of a large college campus building

Do facility managers call the maintenance team when they plan continuous improvements to their buildings’ systems? No. When they plan out improvement projects for their buildings’ systems, facility managers contact third-party contractors. This is because contractors often specialize in working with one or two types of energy systems. They have the knowledge and experience to work with building systems over a long period of time. Maintenance staff, on the other hand, often have just enough knowledge and experience to fix problems when a facility manager calls them. Facility managers find a balance between calling maintenance staff and third-party contractors to keep their facilities running in the long run.

How Does BuildingLogiX Help Facility Managers Maintain Their Building Systems?

Our Connected Building Services (CBS) offer facility managers a range of services and solutions that help them understand their building systems’ performance. Once they understand how their systems perform, they can call maintenance staff or contractors more quickly and give them a clear picture of the current problem or project.

For example, our CBS solutions can send notifications to facility managers when certain zones in their buildings have temperatures that go outside of acceptable ranges. Let’s say a facility manager oversees a building that has a lab in it, and that lab is not supposed to get warmer than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. CBS can alert the facility manager any time that lab’s temperature goes over 75 degrees. This CBS feature allows facility managers to find out what’s wrong in a particular zone as soon as the problem occurs. Then they can alert the maintenance staff about the problem and put all the details in the work order.

Group of University workers looking over building management

Similarly, CBS shows facility managers whether long-term projects performed by contractors improve the building systems in the long run. CBS can monitor your building systems before and after the contractor completes the project. It gives them instant feedback and shows whether the project was a solid investment. Overall, our CBS solutions give facility managers clear alerts when problems occur and long-term data that helps them determine whether a building system project is successful.

Improve Your University Building Management Processes With BuildingLogiX

Use our Connected Building Services to improve building system performance, reduce energy consumption, and save money throughout your campus.

What University Building Systems Does BuildingLogiX Analyze?

Our BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX) platform analyzes the following building systems on university and college campuses:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Chilled or hot water plants
  • Air handlers
  • Utility or energy meters
  • Lighting control
  • Access control
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When you partner with BuildingLogiX and use our platform, BDX analyzes aspects of each building system. Then our remote engineers can help you interpret the data it generates and use it to develop smart building solutions for each system. For instance, BDX’s analysis and data generation can show you how to improve your air handlers’ performance. Why is that important? Air handlers often run 24/7/365, which becomes expensive. BDX’s analysis can show you your air handlers’ peak operating hours. Then you can set them to run during those peak hours and turn off when the building is unoccupied. BDX does this type of analysis for each building system listed above. It uses that analysis to help you make continuous improvements to building systems throughout your campus.

Improve Your University’s or College’s Energy Consumption With BuildingLogiX

It’s easy to see how our Connected Building Services and BDX platform can solve building system problems and make improvements in one building on a university campus. But how do these services and solutions connect the buildings across your campus? BDX provides a user-friendly portal where you have a centralized view of data from all the buildings on your campus.

You can use this portal to understand how each building’s systems operate and how each building’s performance compares to the others’. Once you make those comparisons and analyses, you can use them to make improvements in certain buildings and use other buildings as models for those improvements. Ultimately, BuildingLogiX connects your buildings by helping you access data from all of them to improve your campus’s overall energy efficiency.

Reach out to us today to begin using our BDX platform and Connected Building Services to improve your campus’s energy efficiency. You can use the data our platform and services provide to uncover problems, plan sustainability measures, and reduce your utility bills across your campus.

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