How Does E Learning Work?

This can all be done through an online training session with BuildingLogiX. Our online training sessions allow for a convenient yet reliable way to learn. We give your team the ability to learn in the comfort of their own work or home environment through our E Learning services.

Training has never been easier since the only necessary tool for our E Learning services is an internet connection. Your employees will receive a username and password to log on to the E Learning portal. Whether your employees have ten years experience or are brand new to BAS, we can help!

Tailored Training

At BuildingLogiX, we understand every business is different which is why we adapt and tailor each of our training sessions and topics based on our partners’ needs. Our main priority through our online training is to provide your business with real world content at the tip of your fingers through our E Learning portal.

Pure Convenience

The benefits of BuildingLogiX’s E Learning training sessions include cost efficiency, self-paced instruction, 24/7 access, flexibility, and more. The only difference between our E Learning services and in-person training is the location. Your users will still receive the same specialized instruction, attention, and materials as they would in the classroom sessions.

Learn More About Our Online Courses!

From system basics to advanced analytics, we can help you and your team of facility technicians gain quality content without leaving the home or office. The knowledge your team acquires with BuildingLogiX’s E Learning program will be just as valuable as if they were in the classroom. If you would like to learn more about our E Learning training or topics, contact a BuildingLogiX team member today! We look forward to helping your business!

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