Our Training is Different

From classroom instructor-led programs to self-administered online classes, we have the training your business needs to educate your team.

Our training services are different than our competitors’ because we offer technical training for multiple building automation system brands. In the past, we have trained anyone from end users and service technicians to system integrators, energy managers, and more.

Some of the training services we offer are the following:

  • Online Training (ELearning)
  • Classroom Based Instruction (Classroom Technical Training)
  • Custom Training for End Users
  • Mechanical System Training
  • Building Automation Training
  • System Integration Training
  • Energy Management Training
  • Intelligent Building Training

Building automation systems are constantly advancing, and the BuildingLogiX team capitalizes on the innovative changes in our industry. We always apply the changes we find to the training sessions we offer our clients.

Customized Training for Your Employees

Since building automation systems control your building’s facilities around the clock, it is important to feel secure that your team understands the systems they’re using and can manage any issues that may arise. We can ensure that with BuildingLogiX training, your employees will experience many informative training sessions whether your business chooses to participate online or in the classroom. We understand every client is different which is why your training is tailored specifically to your business. We base each training session around the specific products and applications your business is currently using or will be using.

Learn More About the System That Manages Your Building!

It is important for your team to understand your building’s automation system and equipment. Contact us today to learn more about the training services that BuildingLogiX offers. We look forward to helping your team learn how to operate your building automation system to its fullest potential.