How We Can Help

At BuildingLogiX, we believe that buildings are assets that can and should deliver benefits to occupants and owners. The challenge we face is that buildings can have many issues, and it can be difficult and time-consuming to find their root cause. We provide building operations management tools which help ensure the performance and quality of critical systems and therefore improve the environment.

It is known that building operations teams greatly affect the satisfaction of building occupants. We aim to support this staff by providing technology and software which allows for an easier way to monitor and control building operations. By providing access to an operations dashboard, we give users a central location for all of their analytics and building operations controls. We employ Niagara’s open framework which is customizable to meet the unique needs of each client. This allows users to quickly find the root of any issue and to adjust settings to support optimal performance. In addition, this software can be enhanced by adding rules-based analytics which allows further customization.

Easily Manage Your Infrastructure

Utilizing an operations management dashboard will give your operations team the power to easily manage your infrastructure. They can use the analytics to better understand their environment and can use the increased capabilities to better manage each system. This technology will help your business attract employees to your building operations team who are more specialized. This is increasingly important as there is currently a shortage of skilled workers. If this team requires assistance on how to best employ the open architecture hardware, we offer in-person training. Our strong partnership with a network of mechanical and BAS software providers ensures our support and success. BuildingLogiX and our partner network have the hardware, training, support, technology, and discipline to help building operators manage systems and energy more efficiently.

BuildingLogiX can help operations teams who are struggling to manage aging or inefficient systems or those who want to gain more control and analytic ability. We strive to provide technology that improves the efficiency of our clients’ systems and also makes it easier for users to manage and control them as well. If you are ready to learn more about how this technology can benefit your operations team, give us a call today!