Connecting Systems Makes Sense

Companies take part in building system integration to ensure optimal results with their current systems. Connected buildings are more easily controlled and allow each individual unit to contribute to the building’s environmental success. These infrastructures run at a lower cost than those with multiple solitary systems.

Although many companies realize the value of building integration, it is important for them to consider whether they want to take control of these systems. At BuildingLogiX, our technology allows our partners to measure and adjust their HVAC, lighting, access control and video from a single program. Users can choose how they view and receive metrics and make decisions accordingly. These decisions will help control energy and operational costs more effectively. Building controls integration allows these decisions to be executed quickly from a single control point. These building automation systems are run online which affords users to the ability to oversee and operate their systems from virtually anywhere.

Working With Us Makes Sense

We are one of the top smart building companies because our team of system integrators has the technical training to most efficiently and effectively operate an integrated system. We understand that smart buildings are complicated to create and maintain, and we will work with you to teach and train your staff about the technology’s capabilities and the benefits of effective management.

The BuildingLogiX team has the experience and training to create smart connected buildings and integrate the systems within these buildings. We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how much savings you could achieve with these solutions. Our partner network covers all of the United States and most of Canada, so we can work with any company type or vertical in any location. BuildingLogiX can make your building run more efficiently. Learn how today!