Time to be Proactive

Not only does our staff provide building automation service to help ease the workload and increase the abilities of your team, we also have a network of companies to help execute necessary service.

Performing regular mechanical service is imperative to the performance of your critical systems. Your building needs a wide variety of maintenance performed including HVAC service, building automation service, mechanical service testing, diagnostics, and repairs. These systems need checkups and fine-tuning as time and use can wear them down. Often during these check-ups, deteriorated or faulty parts are detected and replaced which prevents a total system failure.

Training and Partnerships

For those who want to be able to perform this maintenance on their own, we offer technical training. This is a good solution for those who have large operations teams whose members can spare the time to perform these tasks. We walk teams through the process of diagnosing and solving issues as well as performing routine tune-ups. Often, our partners are responsible for such a wide variety of systems that they rely on outside providers for support. We provide a wide range of mechanical and building automation services through our parent company, Waibel Energy Systems, and our other BuildingLogix partners nationwide.  We are also a member of NCPA and Intalere, two unique GPOs that focus on K-12 schools, local and regional government offices, colleges and universities, and health care facilities.  To learn more about how your business can benefit from these partnerships, see our partner page.

Always Working for You

The BuildingLogiX team is proud to offer our partners superior quality building automation tools which help critical systems perform efficiently. Sometimes this software will find problems with specific units or alert users that maintenance is due. In that case, we want to make sure we are still working to provide the best service. Our strong partnerships with reputable maintenance providers and training programs give our customers peace of mind that their critical systems will always be reaching peak performance.