Smart Savings

A smart building combines technology, people, and processes to provide lowest cost of operation, efficient energy use, and improved occupant comfort. Smart Buildings don’t have to be new buildings. Many commercial facilities have some or most of the infrastructure in place to make them Smart. By investing in smart building systems, your business will experience reduced energy consumption, increased savings, and enhanced overall comfort!

By using a smart building technologies, BuildingLogix can transform your existing building to a smart and more manageable building. Some of the smart/connected building technologies and services we currently work with are the following:

Green Buildings
Sustainable Buildings
Building Automation
Intelligent Buildings

Smart and Connected

Connected buildings are beginning to become more and more popular among businesses because companies want to take the proactive approach regarding their BAS’ performance. In order to be proactive, our team has to be on top of all the changes in the industry. With smart building technology constantly advancing, our professionals are always kept up to date on the innovative changes through training and information sessions.

Using smart building, hardware, software, and other applications, the BuildingLogix team can provide you with the service you are looking to invest in when it comes to smart buildings. When BuildingLogix works with your business, we keep you informed every step of the way, from design to installation and every stage in between. To make sure everything is working properly, we offer continuous commissioning for your facility through a virtual HVAC technician, building automation system expert, and energy manager.

Better for The Environment and Your Business!

Smart buildings are changing the way operations are controlled, and these advancements benefit you—the business owner. We can help your company take advantage of innovative technology today! Contact us to learn more about our smart building services and how we can help your business.