Why Benchmark?

We realize your building’s utility and energy consumption is low on the priority list.  We work with owners to help them realize the financial and environmental impact of how energy is consumed and used inside their buildings’ infrastructure.  In order to create a more efficient environment and drive down costs, it is important to begin bench-marking your current buildings.

In order to create a comprehensive plan for reduced utility costs and expenditures it is important to consider all of your buildings systems, lighting, HVAC, building automation and more. We developed the BOS (Building Optimization Survey) to quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively help pull real time data and perform a utility benchmark. While using meters is a good source of data collection, our team knows that being connected to more than the meters provides both our team and yours the visibility needed to better manage your energy and critical manpower. The ability to benchmark and understand which systems are producing different results is important to increasing the efficiency of your business. Benchmarking your current infrastructure includes analyzing insulation, system health, and the environment itself. Our team brings the experience and attention to detail required to find each individual issue; moreover, our experts will educate your team on the impact of even the smallest inefficiencies.

Energy Analytics

Once we have found which areas are causing losses, we will work with you to choose the best solution to drive down costs. Not only can we install and maintain new systems if needed, but we also offer technology that allows our partners to take control of their new and improved systems. Software such as EnergyLogiX allows users to implement real-time analytics of their current gas, water, and electric meters. The analytics collected are scalable and offer a user-friendly approach to monitor your current systems. Easy Energy is another cloud-based system that creates an easy-to-read report of current usage. Energy analytics software like these allow you to have an up-to-date and accurate report of your consumption and spending; therefore, make more educated and efficient decisions for your building’s energy.

Our team at BuildingLogiX has experience helping companies and campuses of all sizes educate themselves on their current energy expenditures and create solutions toward improved energy efficiency. We will work with you to make the right decisions for your company’s future! Contact us to learn more about taking control of your building today!