What Can Building Automation Accomplish?

The purpose of Building Automation is to provide scheduling and control of your systems thru a user interface. Used properly these systems can help control energy use and cost as well as provide a comfortable environment inside of the facility.

What Challenges Exist with Building Automation?

Most BAS systems are designed and installed correctly. But as new variables are added to any problem the opportunity for changes can lead to unwanted outcomes and even higher costs. Buildings last for decades and chances that the layout, purpose, processes, and people are the same today in a building that they were on its first day of operation are low.
Analytics are not built into Building Automation systems. Most provide the ability to produce trends, but trending data alone is not enough. We have to organize data to create information. Organized data can then be analyzed thru analytics and algorithms. Finally action has to be taken for any positive change to occur.

How Can We Help?

Our team is passionate about combining mechanical and building automation service with rules based analytics. These services work to create the most efficient environment. For years, we have known that preventative maintenance is necessary to get the longest lifespan from your critical systems. Thankfully, advanced building automation technology has also found a way to increase longevity and performance. Because this software regulates the entire infrastructure, it helps each machine communicate with its environment and more precisely control the amount of energy consumed.

For those who aren’t familiar with the applications and administration of this software, we offer building automation technical training. We want all our partners to see success in these products’ effect on their environment and efficiency. We will educate your team not only on how to view and customize analytics but also how to use the analytics to create a better environment. We view the deployment of these programs as a long-term partnership and will work throughout the relationship for your benefit.

The brands we service include:
• Tridium
• Trane
• Honeywell
• Johnson Controls
• Alerton
• Distech
• Niagara
• Schneider
• Carrier
• Automated Logic

BuildingLogiX is proud to provide solutions that benefit our clients in multiple aspects. Not only do these building automation systems create a more efficient environment, but they also provide in-depth analytics and result in longer lifespans for critical systems. If your business is interested in learning more about the difference this technology can make or is ready to upgrade their systems, give us a call today to get started!