Improve Overall Building Performance

Companies must consider each building’s layout, design, system components, operating characteristics, needs, energy consumption patterns, etc. and understand that each building is going to be different. We help our clients by providing the tools, hardware, technology, support, and training necessary to improve the performance of their building. It is our goal to increase our clients’ energy savings each month.

Save Energy

Energy savings can often be achieved without large capital expenditures or time-consuming studies. Real-time data along with practical experience has allowed BuildingLogiX to produce millions of dollars in savings for our clients. The first step in creating a better energy infrastructure for your business is completing an energy audit. This process includes checking for leaks, inspecting the ductwork, and using an infrared camera in order to get a complete look at your facility’s current status. Once you get an idea of where your system stands and the areas that may need improvement, BuildingLogiX will work with you to find the best plan for saving energy and reducing spending while staying within your budget.

Building Energy Management

Energy management for large commercial buildings requires organized data from multiple systems inside of a facility. Once we have evaluated your current system, if we find there is a need to install a new system, our team will work with you to teach you how to control your new systems, how to monitor its efficiency, and how to adjust the settings to achieve the best results. We provide the hardware, technology, and process to produce energy management data at the lowest cost in the industry. Installing an energy monitoring system allows you to stay informed on your system’s status. Seeing a view of your entire infrastructure will not only show you how efficiently the multiple systems are working together but will show you where problem areas exist. We recommend also utilizing an energy management system to ensure that the proper steps are taken to reduce your energy expenditure if an inefficient system is identified.

Whether you’re worried about your rising energy bills or your building’s impact on the environment, we can help. Here at BuildingLogiX, we know that every environment has unique needs and we want to work with you to create the best plan for your facility. Contact us today to start your path to a more efficient facility!